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Final Results for 10 Questions on Thomas Hardy's Wessex

10 Questions on Thomas Hardy's Wessex

JMK, Nemesis, mapmaker and Ruby Franks
Nemesis won! - View Scores

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Thu 19 Jan 17 #2 

In response to mapmaker's comment that Wessex isn't a fictional place, and with JMK's invaluable help, I've put in the alternative reality created by Thomas Hardy.  Most can be guessed with a little extrapolation.  Have fun!


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Thu 19 Jan 17 #3 

Interesting to see the name choices, some were fairly obvious, others more obscure. I particularly liked the ones for Bournemouth and Oxford.

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Thu 19 Jan 17 #4 

excellent stuff!!!!!

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Thu 19 Jan 17 #5 

Final results:

Rank NameScore
1Nemesis   Blithering barnacles!2201
2 Ruby Franks   sunny1645
3mapmaker   1579
4JMK   Take time to smell the roses.1462

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Thu 19 Jan 17 #6 
Ruby Franks (online)

Thank you. I love Hardy and having had to study Tess at school, I still  have a collection of well-thumbed Hardy paperbacks which I bought at the time and still re-read. (Aaaagh more than 40 years ago) However it hasn't helped greatly with the rememberance of place names....

Might get Jude the Obscure out, I always like a good weep.

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