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Final Results for 10 Questions on Sports & Leisure

10 Questions on Sports & Leisure

saguingoira, Bright But Idle, jackson, JMK, Nemesis, lindy, shortbreadforme27, Bryn middleton and chooky (10 Questions)
Nemesis won! - View Scores
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Sat 4 Apr #2 

In the absence of any actual sport to watch on a Saturday evening...


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Sat 4 Apr #3 
Bryn middleton (online)

Cheers, Nem.  That was a bit slow and sticky...or I am.  No sport is proving weirdly tough to deal with.

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Sat 4 Apr #4 

thanks nem. we need a handicapping system for you 

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Sat 4 Apr #5 

Ta Nem.

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Mon 6 Apr #6 

Final results:

Rank NameScore
1Nemesis   1872
2Bright But Idle   Uneducated Guesser1652
3jackson   1491
4JMK   Take time to smell the roses.1394
5Bryn middleton   Factacular panto 2019!!!!!!!!1256
6saguingoira   vita contemplativa1097
7lindy   1066
8shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now1054

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