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Final Results for Rally on Cricket - One-day Cricket Names

Rally on Cricket - One-day Cricket Names

Nemesis and BBandicoot (18 Questions)
Nemesis won! - View Scores
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Sun 21 Jun #2 

The one-day county cricket nicknames were already in Factopedia so there was no need to create it.  However, I think some of these have long since been dropped.  I haven't heard of Derbyshire Phantoms in a long, long time, although I can't think what they are called nowadays.

Anyway, the purpose of this is to ask you to activate the Decathlon Stats for the Science and, let's say, Music categories.  There was very little interest expressed apart from JMK and Ruby so the whole thing dropped down my priority list.  That, and the excitement of the Laegue of course!


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Sun 21 Jun #3 

Final results:

Rank NameScore
1Nemesis   The view from Long On18
2BBandicoot   COYS0

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Sun 21 Jun #4 

LOL that was quick. I was going to ask about the subjects. I tried to post there the other day and found it closed. I will ask to reopen it & update the stats. Maybe a link in the Decathlon scores thread would help? I think a lot of our Facta family don't use the tabs too often. My general tactic here is to annoy people into participation. Regardless, I like the stats and I'm sure the quiet people enjoy them too. 

Speaking of the League, you have a decent path to the title now that you have 2 away wins. Decent looking run out of matches, and BBI and I have both dropped points at home.

Championship is brutal. Everyone in that group chose Science besides Ruby, and most of them chose it first or second. 

It is towards the end of the season and nothing is sure yet, so I'm pretty happy with the turnout.

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