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Final Results for Brainoff on Dogs and their Groups

Brainoff on Dogs and their Groups

cack, Allan R. Matthes, cazza, USS Palladin, Tushers, scratch, Wildfire and mathdrew (20 Questions)
USS Palladin won! - View Scores
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Mon 8 Oct 07 #2 

This is my first time challenging anyone. Figured it was about time I started sending challenges since everyone sends me challenges..lol

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Mon 8 Oct 07 #3 

Thanks wildfire, i enjoyed this one once i got the hang of it!!!!!

challenge away i love being challenged as you may have guessed!!!!

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Mon 8 Oct 07 #4 

Thanks Wildfire!! Glad you put my name in there.

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Mon 8 Oct 07 #5 
Allan R. Matthes

Thanks Wildfire! Any topic, any time is fine by me!

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Tue 9 Oct 07 #6 
USS Palladin

WOOF!..*pant..pant*...Pally loves challenges.

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Tue 9 Oct 07 #7 

GOOD for you Wildfire-------join the ranks of the challengers! lol.

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Wed 10 Oct 07 #8 

Final results:

Rank NameScore
1USS Palladin   The Horsemen and Ladies of Trivia3861 - WINNER!
2Allan R. Matthes   The Horsemen and Ladies Of Trivia3747
3cack   HAPPY HALLOWEEN!3660
4Wildfire   who can think with a zoo in their house!2879
5scratch   Ask me about my score.2539
6Tushers   Razor Sharp & we Are!!!!2466
7cazza   Safe in your soul, bathed in your sighs.1674

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