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Final Results for Brainoff on Random Factor

Brainoff on Random Factor

Susana Sànchez, cack, saguingoira, USS Palladin, Tushers, Maureen, dpf777, JMK and Polockowolocko
saguingoira won! - View Scores

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Tue 3 Jun 08 #2 

Hey, I'm up for a late nighter here-----0417!

Knows 13431 facts
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Tue 3 Jun 08 #3 

You joining the ranks of insomniacs like me? How are things going?

Knows 47700 facts
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Tue 3 Jun 08 #4 

Thank you.... tough one there!!!!

Knows 24444 facts
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Tue 3 Jun 08 #5 

Have to catch you in the morning...too old for late-nighters.

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Tue 3 Jun 08 #6 
USS Palladin

Too early or late for me.
Thanks Cack.

Knows 46364 facts
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Wed 4 Jun 08 #7 
Susana Sànchez

Last night I was not able to enter Facta, impossible, sorry for answering too late, thanks Cack

Knows 120271 facts
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Thu 5 Jun 08 #8 

Final results:

Rank NameScore
1saguingoira   laissez les jeux commencent2058
2USS Palladin   2000
3JMK   Java Partner in Crime1647
4Maureen   I am excited to be in school! Love it!!1500
5Susana Sànchez   Coffee has two virtues it is wet & warm1431
6Polockowolocko   1250
7Tushers   Vote No to Lisbon.1250
8cack   I'm so cute!1187

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