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Final Results for Brainoff on Random Factor

Brainoff on Random Factor

WooWoo, tallyho, lindy, Josiejump, Tournament, amalia, doczane, axana and kizzie
tallyho won! - View Scores

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Tue 2 Mar 10 #2 

well that's the first shots fired - looks like I'll have to adjust my sights.
Wonder if Kizzie and JJ have been on the practice range?

Hi to the WW's good luck.

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Tue 2 Mar 10 #3 

Flippin 'eck! Gonna get myself over to that practice range and play tomorrow.

Good luck all!

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Wed 3 Mar 10 #4 

Final results:

Rank NameScore
1tallyho   Stupid is as stupid does...1853
2amalia   1830
3WooWoo   1783
4doczane   5 rounds rapid1491
5lindy   1467
6Josiejump   It's time to start the music!1349
7axana   750

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Wed 3 Mar 10 #5 

Well played, tallyho!

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