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Final Results for Brainoff on Random Factor

Brainoff on Random Factor

sally906, kiwigal32, Quiz3000, Stevegault, Rufhara, cthulu, Tournament, Mimoza and TABBYTOES
Quiz3000 won! - View Scores

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Comments on this Brainoff

Fri 5 Mar 10 #2 

hmm should this mean I better play the games when it's quite late night? Go kittys!!!

Knows 26190 facts
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Fri 5 Mar 10 #3 

great going mimi!

Knows 35147 facts
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Fri 5 Mar 10 #4 

nice one Mim!! u 2 Tabby :)

Knows 81404 facts
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Sun 7 Mar 10 #5 

Final results:

Rank NameScore
1Quiz3000   Beware the Moon!2250
2Mimoza   1903
3Rufhara   Freudy cat!1500
4TABBYTOES   pretentious little moggy!1434
5sally906   Anyone seen my mind? I've lost it :)1420
6Stevegault   i have you in my sights1389
7kiwigal32   1250
8cthulu   When i'm calling you...1250

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