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Final Results for Brainoff on Random Factor

Brainoff on Random Factor

cack and Annboz
cack won! - View Scores

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Wed 2 Mar 11 #2 

Hi Ann,
How have you been? I lost your email, and my address book can't be accessed by my computer for some reason, so I thought I would contact you this way. Eldy is still laid off, Chad has been laid off since Oct., and I'm having episodes of tachycardia. Had an echo awhile ago, that came out OK. Wadhwani keeps telling me to loose weight, and I keep gaining, though we did start to go back to the gym again this week. When are you planning on coming home? I've been doing CEU's tonight on-line, and went on Factacular to my friends list, to email you.
Take it easy. Talk to you soon.

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Wed 2 Mar 11 #3 

Final results:

Rank NameScore
1cack   Angel blessings!500
2 Annboz   0

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