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Final Results for Brainoff on Random Factor

Brainoff on Random Factor

cack and Allan R. Matthes
Allan R. Matthes won! - View Scores

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Mon 28 Mar 11 #2 

I noticed that you don't play much anymore. I guess too busy with social networking?? Of course, we all do get busy. Look at me, I didn't play for about 2 years.

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Mon 28 Mar 11 #3 

Final results:

Rank NameScore
1Allan R. Matthes   Arthur C. Clarke d. 3-19-20082215
2cack   Angel blessings!1811

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Mon 28 Mar 11 #4 
Allan R. Matthes

When Facta was my universe, I was here all the time. With Facebook I find many of my Facta friends there so chatting here isn't what it once was. Did you see on Facebook there is a Factacular length so we can get info when the site is down? I still have been doing some topic building. The one on Popes by the number and the Ecumenical Councils were recent additions. I gave up trying to keep up with the fact race here years ago and just like to play all the big tournaments and try to do my Daily Biography as often as I can. With the history I have here I am happy to meet new folks and stay connected with wonderful old friends like you. I hope we can connect on FaceBook too. You will get to see my daughters and if Monica ever comes back on there, my wife. I still love the challenge of Factacular and always still am proud I thought of the idea of the Decathlon. Last year jmaxg, Javalyne, JMK and I did some Wii Golf on the Wii via the internet link of Wii. It was so cool to play them live with Jmax and Javalyne in Michigan, me in Illinois and JMK in New Zeeland. A couple of years ago in 2008 USS Palladin and I did the Vendee Globe at virtualregatta.com where we sailed virtual ships from France east to South American and up the Atlantic, took about two months of daily tinkering but was very interesting. Will do that again in 2012. So my interests roam the gamut. Hope you and I can grow closer in good ways that inspire us and enrich our lives as friends. Thanks for asking why I seem to be not here as much.

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