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Final Results for 15 Questions on Golf

15 Questions on Golf

kevg, jackson, Java, JMK, Nemesis, Josiejump, shortbreadforme27, Mike Pinchen and thaibob
shortbreadforme27 won! - View Scores

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Fri 4 Oct 13 #2 

Tee up my fellow Factopians, sorry ladies it was a random choice with my thumb, but u never can tell.

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Fri 4 Oct 13 #3 
jackson (online)

thanku Shortie

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Fri 4 Oct 13 #4 
Nemesis (online)

A good walk ruined!

You should've invited Seve to this one shortie.


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Fri 4 Oct 13 #5 

Well that score sums up my knowledge on the subject.

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Sat 5 Oct 13 #6 
The Grumpinator

haven't played for years, got any good courses in Scotland ??

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Sat 5 Oct 13 #7 

I love playing Crazy Golf but I've never been keen on the grown ups version.  My score has confirmed that I know very little about the game of golf, although marginally more than JMK and Thaibob ;-)


Thanks for the challenge, Shortie!!

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Sun 6 Oct 13 #8 
Mike Pinchen

Thanks SBFM. Not my scene either I'm afraid,

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Sun 6 Oct 13 #9 

Final results:

Rank NameScore
1shortbreadforme27   In search of FURBALLS.1488
2kevg   let's get ready to grumble1430
3Java   Coffee Chemistry1250
4jackson   1204
5Mike Pinchen   Civilisation? What Civilisation!887
6Nemesis   Shiver me timbers!750
7Josiejump   Trust me, I'm a professional!716
8thaibob   "Thaibobing" needs more work :-(500
9JMK   250

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Sun 6 Oct 13 #10 

Thanks Shorty.  Miss playing golf myself, both on real courses and on Wii.

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