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   refers to   
Idealism & Related Systems
   has the Roman numeral   
Lake Hawea
   has a surface area of   
141 Km2
Union of Horodło
Reaffirms the Union of Krewo and the Union of Vilnius and Radom; permits Lithuania to have a separate Grand Duke and parliament.
Thomas Arundel
   was Archbishop of Canterbury from   
1399 - 1414
Restored by Henry IV; died in office
Joan of Arc
   was born on   
January 6, 1412
Heroine of France and saint of the Catholic Church
   was held in   
This council condemned the heresies of: 1) John Wycliffe, who rejected the Holy sacrifice of the Mass, emphasized scripture as the sole rule of faith, subscribed to Donatism, asserted the Pope is not the head of the Church, and bishops have no authority; and, 2) John Huss, who preached the above after Wycliffe’s death. Held at Constance, Germany.
Sir John Everett Millais

The Eve of St. Agnes; 1863; English; Pre-Raphaelites; The Royal Collection Trust, Windsor Castle, England; oil on canvas; 118 x 154 cm
   largest country in the world is   
30,355 km²
   was the reign of   
Henry IV
Also known as Bolingbroke
Joseph Ward

17th New Zealand Prime Minister, 1906-1912, 1928-1930
   has this flag:   

   was the reign of   
Henry V
Joseph Duplessis

Louis XVI in Coronation Robes; 1777; French; Rococo; Palace of Versailles, France; oil on canvas; 227 x 184 cm
François De Troy

Portrait of the Duchess of La Ferté-Senneterre with the future Louis XV on her lap (Duke of Anjou) and the Duke of Brittany; 1712; French; Baroque; Leeds Museum - City Art Gallery, England; oil on canvas; size unknown
The City of Bordeaux, France
   has this flag:   

Treaty of Shaoxing
Ends conflicts between the Jin Dynasty and Southern Song Dynasty.
   was the reign of   
Empress Matilda (Maude)
Became Queen after capturing Stephen but was forced off the throne by a revolt in London. She was the daughter and dispossessed heir of Henry I of England. Matilda was the first female ruler, although uncrowned and for a brief time, of the Kingdom of England. Her failure to secure that rule meant that her temporary and disputed period of reign in 1141 was extremely brief. She is often excluded from lists of English monarchs and even the official British monarchy website excludes her, listing Stephen of England as king from 1135-1154.
Jacques Chirac

22nd President of France, 1995-2007
Joseph Duplessis

Monsieur de Buissey; 1780; French; Rococo; The National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa; oil on canvas; 116 x 88 cm
Tony Gwynn
   is famous for   
20-yr Padres Right Fielder With 3141 Hits
Lifetime average of .338
Henry Chichele
   was Archbishop of Canterbury from   
1414 - 1443
Translated from St David's; died in office
1417 - 31
   the Pope was   
Martin V
Lockheed C-141
   military plane has the nickname   

Sacred and Profane Love; 1514; Italian; Venetian Renaissance; Galleria Borghese, Rome, Italy; oil on canvas; 118 x 279 cm
   created the sculpture   
St Mark, 1411-13
Exterior, Orsanmichele church, Florence
Lorenzo Avogadro
The Inspiration for Avogadro's Number or 6.02214199x10^23
Avogadro's Number = The number of elementary particles in one "mole" of a substance -- Born 1776 CE, died 1856 CE
Francisco Goya

Majas on a Balcony; 1800-1814; Spanish; Romanticism; The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, New York, U.S.A.; oil on canvas; 195 x 162 cm
Acetylated Starch
Joan of Arc
   lifespan was   
French heroine; burned at the stake at 19 for heresy; made a saint in 1920
Henri Rousseau

Exotic Landscape; 1908; French; Naïve Art (Primitivism); private collection; oil on canvas; 116 x 89 cm
   was the year of the   
Battle of Agincourt
25th October 1415. Agincourt, France. War: Hundred Years' War. Combatants: England ¦ France. Outcome: English Victory
Kingisepp, Russia
   has this flag:   

1406 - 1417
   the Pope was   
Gregory XII

Saint Francis Renounces His Earthly Father (from the San Sepolcro Altarpiece); 1437-1444; Italian; Early Renaissance; The National Gallery, London, England; tempera on panel; 88 x 52 cm
   is at   
43°04'N 141°21'E
Distarch Phosphate
Treaty of Lubowla
Between Władysław II of Poland and Sigismund of Luxemburg, king of Hungary.
   saw the   
Battle of Agincourt
25th October 1415. Agincourt, France. War: Hundred Years' War. Combatants: England ¦ France. Outcome: English Victory
   has this coat of arms   


Copper Complexes of Chlorophyll and Chlorophyllins
Food Colouring [140–149 greens]
Air Force of Ukraine

Phosphated Distarch Phosphate
Mahmed I
   ruled from   
1413 - 1421
Nicknamed "The Bowstring Maker". Widely known as the secound founder of the Ottoman Empire.
Francisco Goya

La Senora Sabasa Garcia; 1806-1811; Spanish; Romanticism; National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., U.S.A.; oil on canvas; 71 x 58 cm
Édouard Manet

Berthe Morisot with a Bouquet of Violets; 1872; French; Impressionism; Musée d'Orsay, Paris, France; oil on canvas; 55 x 40 cm
René Magritte

The Mysteries of the Horizon (Le chef d'oeuvre ou les mystères de l'horizon); 1928; Belgian; Surrealism; private collection; oil on canvas; 48 x 73 cm

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