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   is the number of   
Bones in the Human Body
Organizations of Christianity
There Are 206 Bones in a Normal Human Skeleton
   has the Roman numeral   
William Blake

The Ancient of Days; 1794; English; Symbolism; British Museum, London, England; relief and white-line etching with color printing and hand coloring; 36 x 26 cm
Norilsk, Russia
   has this flag:   

Calvin Coolidge

30th US President, 1923-1929
Wladyslaw III Spindleshanks
   ruled Poland from   
1202 - 1206
Temporarily deposed Leszek, who deposed Spindleshanks and regained rule.
   is the chemical formula of   
Alfred Sisley

Meadow; 1875; French; Impressionism; The National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., U.S.A.; oil on canvas; 55 x 73 cm
Simon Vouet

Le Richesse (Allegory of Wealth); 1635-1640; French; Baroque; Musée du Louvre, Paris, France; oil on canvas; 170 x 124 cm
   largest country in the world is   
298 km²
J.E.H. MacDonald

Lake McArthur, Yoho Park; 1924; Canadian; The National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa; oil on cardboard; 21 x 27 cm
   was Archbishop of Canterbury from   
1205 - 1206
Sub-prior, chosen by the monks but set aside by the king at their own request
John De Gray
   was Archbishop of Canterbury from   
1205 - 1206
Bishop of Norwich; chosen by the monks but set aside by the pope

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