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   amendment concerns   
The Right to Bear Arms
Ratified December 15, 1791 as part of the Bill of Rights.
   Labour of Hercules was to   
Slay the Lernaean Hydra
   President of the United States was   
John Adams
   Doctor Who was played by   
Patrick Troughton
   prime number is   
2nd Congress
   the Speaker was   
Jonathan Trumbull, Jr.
Connecticut 4 -- October 24, 1791 to March 4, 1793 (Brother of John Trumbull a noted painter of the American Revolution.
Metric Modulation
The Change from One Time Signature to Another Where a Note Value from the 1st is Made Equivalent to One in the 2nd
Also called temporal modulation
   anniversary is associated with the modern gift of   
   traditional gift is   
2nd Declension Masculine Singular Nominative
   Latin nouns end   
-us / -er
2nd Declension Masculine Singular Accusative
   Latin nouns end   
2nd Declension Masculine Plural Genitive
   Latin nouns end   
2nd Declension Masculine Plural Accusative
   Latin nouns end   
2nd Declension Neuter Singular Accusative
   Latin nouns end   
2nd Declension Neuter Singular Ablative
   Latin nouns end   
2nd Declension Neuter Plural Genitive
   Latin nouns end   
2nd Declension Neuter Plural Dative
   Latin nouns end   
2nd Declension Neuter Plural Ablative
   Latin nouns end   
Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture - 2nd Edition
   was developed by   
Parker Bros
   Harry Potter book was   
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Lower East Side, 2nd Avenue
   is on the   
F & V Lines
New Year (Ireland)
   is held on   
January 1st and January 2nd
Day of the Dead (Angola)
   is held on   
November 2nd
Nelson Fox
   is famous for   
Scrappy White Sox 2nd Baseman, MVP, 1959
Struck out only 216 times in 9232 at-bats
Rod Carew
   is famous for   
2nd Base, Twins and Angels, 3053 Hits
Lifetime average of .328 with seven batting titles
Bill Mazeroski
   is famous for   
Pirate 2nd Baseman, 1956-1972
.983 lifetime fielding pct; hero of the 1960 World Series
Charlie Gehringer
   is famous for   
Tiger 2nd Baseman, 1924-1942; Avg .320
AL MVP, 1937 with a batting avg. of .371
Rogers Hornsby
   is famous for   
2nd Base, 1915-1937; Hit over .400 3 Times
Lifetime avg .358; played mostly for the St Louis Cardinals
Nap Lajoie
   is famous for   
2nd Base, 1896-1916; Hit .422 in 1901
Highest batting average ever
Tony Lazzeri
   is famous for   
Yankee 2nd Baseman, 1926-1937
Drove in more than 100 runs seven times as part of the Murderers' Row
Ryne Sandberg
   is famous for   
Cubs' 2nd Baseman, .285 Avg, 282 HR's
NL MVP, 1984; 9 consecutive Gold Glove awards
Red Schoendiest
   is famous for   
10-time All Star 2nd Baseman, Avg .289
Played for the Cardinals, Giants and Braves in a 19-yr career
2nd Station
Jesus Receives the Cross
Groundhog Day (U.S.A.)
   is held on   
February 2nd
110m Hurdles, Discus, Pole Vault, Javelin, 1500m
   are all   
Decathlon 2nd Day Events
Gandhi Jayanti
   is held on   
October 2nd
Gandhiji's birthday.
   largest country in the world is   
9,984,670 km²
Addie Joss
   pitched a perfect game on   
October 2nd 1908
Cleveland Indians 1, Chicago White Sox 0 at Cleveland, Ohio -- 28 years old
BBC News (Handovers)
   contains the line   
Capital Punishment is to Be Re-introduced in the 1st & 2nd Division.
Sport: capital punishment is to be re-introduced in the first and second division. Any player found tackling from behind or controlling the ball with the lower part of the arm will be hanged. But the electric chair remains the standard punishment for threatening the goalie.
Ilinden (Macedonia)
   is held on   
August 2nd
Guerillas’ Song
   relates to the   
2nd Sino-Japanese War
Describes the guerilla fighters of the Chinese Communist Party
Dadao March
   relates to the   
2nd Sino-Japanese War
“Cut the devil’s head off with the dadao”
On Songhua River
   relates to the   
2nd Sino-Japanese War
“When can I go back to my homeland?”
The Libertine (2005)
   is a film about   
John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester
Portrayed by Johnny Depp
   state to join the union was   
December 12, 1787
Shostakovich: 2nd Jazz Suite
   was used in   
Eyes Wide Shut
2nd Teenager
   was played by Kevin Bacon in   
Hero at Large (1980)
2nd Biblical Plague
   consisted of   
Electric Light Orchestra
Battle At Marsden Moor (July 2nd 1644)
   in succession to throne British throne is   
Prince William
Grandson of Elizabeth II

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