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The Animal (2001)
   has the tagline   
He Wasn't Much of a Man... Now He's Not Much of an Animal.
Jurassic Park (1993)
   has the tagline   
An Adventure 65 Million Years in the Making.
Directed by Steven Spielberg
An Additional Performance Requested by an Audience
An Atom That Has Lost or Gained Electrons
First conceived by Michael Faraday.
An Expression of Disgust
An exclamatory remark.
A 'ringtone'
The Sound Made by a Cell Phone to Signal an Incoming Call
Open Adoption
   is defined as   
An Adoption in Which There is Contact Between the Parties to the Adoption
Opening Statement
   is defined as   
A Statement Made by an Attorney at the Beginning of a Trial
Made before evidence is introduced. Can also be made by a self-represented party
Pull the Pin
Stop an Activity or Withdraw Support
"The boss pulled the pin on that idea"
There Never Was an Old Slipper but
There Was an Old Stocking to Match It
An Old Broom Knows
The Dirty Corners Best
He'd Offer You an Egg if
You Promised Not to Break the Shell
A Bird Does Not Sing Because It Has an Answer
It Sings Because It Has a Song
Remnants of an Organism Embedded Geologically
Bio Leaves observed in rock faces are fossils
To Coat Metal With an Oxide Film
Performed through electrolysis. Enhances durability
She's the Spit of Her Mother
A Daughter Who Behaves in an Identical Way to Her Mother
Wang Laboratories
   was named after   
An Wang
   is the site of   
Temple of Heaven: an Imperial Sacrificial Altar in Beijing
Lazy Man's Load
An Unmanageably Large Load Carried to Avoid More Than One Trip.
An Old Lady's Pet Bird
"I tawt I taw a puttytat"
   is the killing of   
An Infant
An Act Intended to Decieve
Catch or Hook on an Obstruction
Also that rare species the Sensitive New Age Guy.
Extreme Promotion of an Idea, Person or Product
The Exorcist (1973)
   contains the line   
"What an Excellent Day for an Exorcism."
An Animal Considered a Pest
   is divination by   
Using an Axe or Hatchet
A Large Destructive Wave Caused by Sea-floor Movements in an Earthquake
Electromagnetic Waves
Waves With Both an Electric and Magnetic Component
They are: radio, micro, infra-red, visible light, ultraviolet, X and gamma rays.
The Time Taken for the Level of Radioactivity in an Element to Halve
A Reaction in Which the Characteristics of an Acid or Base Disappear
   is described as   
An Enlargement.
   is described as   
An Instrument Used for Measuring the Optical Density of an Area in a Negative or Print.
   is described as   
A Number That Indicates the Size of the Lens Opening on an Adjustable Camera.
The common f-numbers are f/1.4, f/2, f/2.8, f/4, f/5.6, f/8, f/11, f/16, and f/22. The larger the f-number, the smaller the lens opening. In this series. Also called f-stops, they work in conjunction with shutter speeds to indicate exposure settings.
Negative Holder
   is described as   
A Device Designed to Position a Negative in an Enlarger.
An Apothecary
A Pharmacist
An Elephant's Teeth Dealer
An Ivory Dealer
Invisible Man
I Am an Invisible Man
Ralph Ellison, 1952
An Intellectual
Bucket of Bolts
An Old Car
Easy Mark
An Easily Victimized Person
An Easily Victimized Person
An Enticement
An Easy Job
Fair Shake
An Equal Opportunity
An Injection of Narcotics
Pot Shot
An Easy Shot
Strike Zone
An Area Directly Over Home Plate
An American Werewolf in _____
   is missing   
An Officer and a Gentleman (1982)
   the kissers are   
Richard Gere and Debra Winger

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