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   is carnival lingo for   
A Carnival Game That Has Very Little Chance to Win
Alibi Vs Rockefeller
   had a U.K. Top 40 single hit with   
Sexual Healing
Alibi (1929)
Chester Morris and Harry Stubbs
Director: Roland West. Also starred Mae Busch, Eleanore Griffith. Crime
Sue Grafton
A is for Alibi
Tough feminist detective, Kinsey Millhone
The Third Alibi (1961)
Laurence Payne, Patricia Dainton and Jane Griffiths
Director: Montgomery Tully. Also starred Edward Underdown, John Arnatt & Humphrey Lestocq. Plot: A composer stuck in a middle-class marriage finds that his affair with his wife's half-sister has resulted in her pregnancy...
Alibi (1931)
Austin Trevor, Franklin Dyall and Elizabeth Allan
Director: Leslie S. Hiscott. Also starred J. H. Roberts, John Deverell & Ronald Ward
Alibi Ike (1935)
Joe E. Brown, Olivia De Havilland and Ruth Donnelly
Director: Ray Enright. Also starred Roscoe Karns, William Frawley & Eddie Shubert. Plot: Idiosyncratic new recruit Francis "Ike" Farrell (Brown) tries to help the Cubs to the pennant with his pitching and hitting.
Alibi (1942)
Margaret Lockwood, Hugh Sinclair and James Mason
Director: Brian Desmond Hurst. Also starred Raymond Lovell, Enid Stamp-Taylor
   in Spanish is   
Suspended Alibi (1956)
Patrick Holt, Honor Blackman and Valentine Dyall
Director: Alfred Shaughnessy. Also starred Naomi Chance, Lloyd Lamble & Andrew Keir. Plot: A married editor who is having an affair pretends that he is visiting an army friend, to keep his wife from suspecting him of infidelity...
Matchbook Romance
   sang the song   
Your Stories, My Alibis
   released the album   
Alibis & Other Lies (2007)
Matchbook Romance
   released the album   
Stories and Alibis (2003)

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