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Audrey Totter

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Alias Nick Beal (1949)
Ray Milland, Audrey Totter and Thomas Mitchell
Director: John Farrow. Also starred George Macready, Fred Clark & Geraldine Wall. Plot: A district attorney rises to political success and the governorship but loses his sense of morality once he starts associating with the shadowy and perhaps diabolical Nick Beal (Milland).
The Unsuspected (1947)
Claude Rains, Joan Caulfield, Audrey Totter
Director: Michael Curtiz. The narrator of a murder mystery radio show is a killer but his niece doesn't know it.
Meet Millie (1951-1954)
   had the star   
Audrey Totter
Sitcom about a wisecracking Manhattan secretary from Brooklyn
Lady In The Lake
   the femme fatale was   
Audrey Totter

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