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Babe Ruth

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Most Runs Batted In, Career (AL)
   is held by   
Babe Ruth
Babe Ruth
   was born on   
February 6, 1895
"Sultan of Swat", baseball hero
Babe Ruth
   lifespan was   
Born George Herman Ruth; icon of American baseball
Babe Ruth
   is famous for   
RF, 1914-1935, 714 HR's
Lifetime avg .342; a true original, the most celebrated athlete of his time
Babe Ruth
   was born in   
Baltimore, U.S.A.
Maryland. Baseball iconic hero.
Babe Ruth
   is famous for being a   
Baseball Player
Was a Major League baseball player from 1914-1935. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest baseball players in history
Ray Knott
   played bass guitar in   
Babe Ruth
Progressive Rock
   was the year   
Babe Ruth Hit His 60th Home Run
Sets single season record, Sept 30
Babe Ruth
   has excelled in   
He was the first player to hit 60 home runs in one season (1927), a record which stood for 34 years until broken by Roger Maris in 1961.
Babe Ruth
   was a/an   
Baseball Player
Home run king and folk hero, born George Herman Ruth in 1895
Babe Ruth
   is buried in   
Gate of Heaven Cemetery, New York City, NY, USA
Baseball player
Babe Ruth, Malcolm X, Steve Jobs
   are all   
People Who Were Adopted
Along with Dr. Ruth and Marilyn Monroe
Headin' Home (1920)
Babe Ruth, Ruth Taylor and William Sheer
Director: Lawrence C. Windom. Also starred Margaret Seddon, Frances Victory & James A. Marcus. Plot: The "true story" of baseball great Babe Ruth; Ruth plays himself.

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