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Oranges (Citrus bergamia) are from a rare variety of bitter orange grown in Calabria and Sicily for making fragrant oil used mainly in perfumery, but also used for its distinctive flavour in Earl Grey Tea. These are inedible, but the peel can be candied or made into unusual marmalade. The flavour of the peel defies description, and is so highly-scented that only minute amounts are needed to flavour puddings and confections. Needless to say, it is so rare and expensive that few have the opportunity to sample its taste. It is all but unknown in North America, and should not be confused with the "false bergamot", which is only vaguely reminiscent of the true flavour. The false bergamot, also known as Oswego-tea, fragrant balm, and bee balm, is derived from the plant Monarda didyma (Family Labiatae), a type of mint indigenous to the New World, and also used to flavour certain types of tea.

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