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   is a character in   
All's Well That Ends Well
Count of Rousillon
Bertram Boltwood
Radiometric Dating
(1907) Discovered how to calculate the age of a rock by measuring the rate of its radioactive decay. His observations and calculations put Earth's age at 2.2 billion years. Although we now think the Earth is nearly twice that age, this number was a dramatic increase over the accepted age at the time. Boltwood's formulas are compatible with several radioactive elements, including carbon-14, which has been used to date historical artifacts.
Jane Austen
   created the character   
Sir Thomas Bertram
Mansfield Park
Bertram Copeland Rumfoord
   appears in   
Official US Air Force historian
Lady Bertram
   is in   
Mansfield Park
Fanny’s aunt. She is wealthy and somewhat idle.
Edmund Bertram
   is in   
Mansfield Park
Second son of Lord and Lady Bertram. Destined to become a clergyman. Is besotted by Mary Crawford – sees sense in the end!
Maria Bertram
   is in   
Mansfield Park
Selfish elder sister to Edmund Bertram. Marries Mr Rushworth.
Julia Bertram
   is in   
Mansfield Park
Youngest, and rather silly, Bertram girl. Elopes with Yates.

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