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Milky Way
   used the slogan   
"The Sweet You Can Eat Between Meals Without Losing Your Appetite"
   is the heraldic term for   
Having Its Tail Between Its Legs
An Inconsistency Between Facts or Sentiments
Mary Macgregor
   released the single   
Torn Between Two Lovers
1976; 2 weeks as #1 on the Billboard Hot 100
Townes Van Zandt
   released the album   
High, Low and In Between (1972)
Open Adoption
   is defined as   
An Adoption in Which There is Contact Between the Parties to the Adoption
Plea Bargain
   is defined as   
A Negotiation Between the Defense and Prosecution That Settles a Criminal Case
The defendant typically pleads guilty to a lesser crime in exchange for a guaranteed sentence that is shorter than what the defendant could face if convicted at tria.
It's Difficult to Choose Between
Two Blind Goats
The Relaxing of Tension Between Rivals
Esp. between nations
   is the study of   
Interactions Between Organisms
A “sallyport”
The Area Between Two Secure Doors in Which Only One Will Open at a Time.
Tanker or Receiver Directive Call Indicating Immediate Vertical and Nose/tail Separation Between Tanker and Receiver is Required
When a Ball Drops Untouched Between Teammates Because They Fail to Communicate
The situation probably will not improve until one of the parties apologizes
Monument Valley
The Wide Open Space Between Two Tall Players Who Really Can’t Play Defense
Just put it away in Monument Valley, Chris
Between Two Rivers
A Situation Where an Aircraft/element is Positioned Between Opposing Aircraft/elements
   is the site of   
The Loire Valley Between Sully-sur-Loire and Chalonnes
A Lunar Eclipse Takes Place when the Earth is Directly Between the Sun and the Moon
A Boundary Between Two Air Masses
Between Jobs
   is a euphemism for   
Plea Bargain
   is the legal term for   
Mutually Agreed Upon Settlement of a Criminal Case Between Prosecutor, Defense Attorney and Judge
   believes in the theory   
Priests Are Necessary Mediators Between God and Mankind
225 Tons, 2’6” Between Her Eyes, 354 Steps to Crown
   are all   
Facts About the Statue of Liberty
The Range Between Soprano and Tenor
Vocal or instrumental
Georg Simon Ohm
The Definer of the Relationship Between Electrical Voltage, Current, and Resistance
Born 1789 CE, died 1854 CE
Section Between Two Supports
E.g. in a bridge
The Other Boleyn Girl (2008)
   has the tagline   
The Only Thing That Could Come Between These Sisters....is a Kingdom.
Men Weren’t Meant to Fly With
Clouds Between Their Knees
“Superman” by Five for Fighting
   is missing from the title of   
Between the ___
The Rolling Stones (1967)
   is missing from the title of   
High, Low and in ___
Townes Van Zandt (1972)
   is missing from the title of   
___ Between the Eyes
Rainbow (1982)
The Procedure of Pressing Fabric Between Heated and Rotating Cylinders to Give a Smooth Glossy Surface
Stanford Moore and William H. Stein
   won for   
The Connection Between Chemical Structure and Catalytic Activity
1972 - Of the active centre of the ribonuclease molecule
David Baltimore, Renato Dulbecco and Howard Temin
   won for work on   
The Interaction Between Tumour Viruses and the Genetic Material of the Cell
Scattered Clouds
Sky Condition when Between 1/10 and 5/10 of the Sky is Covered
The Main Bulk of the Earth, Between the Crust and Core
A Chemical Link Between Atoms
Coulomb Attraction
Electrostatic Attraction Between Bodies of Opposite Charge
Covalent Bond
A Bond Formed Between Atoms That Share Electrons
Potential Difference
The Voltage Difference Between Two Points
Electricity flows from a high to low level of potential.
Between-The-Lens Shutter
   is described as   
A Shutter Whose Blades Operate Between Two Elements of the Lens.
   is described as   
The Area Between the Camera and the Principal Subject.
   is described as   
The Difference Between What the Viewfinder Sees and What the Camera Records.
This is caused by the separation between the viewfinder and the picture-taking lens. There is no parallax with single-lens-reflex cameras because when you look through the viewfinder, you are viewing the subject through the picture-taking lens.
Pacifica Quartet
Declarations: Music Between the Wars
Janacek, Hindemith; Cedille, 2006
Between Hay and Grass
Neither Man nor Boy
Thomas Leveritt
   won the award for the book   
The Exchange Rate Between Love And Money
Albert Einstein
"The Difference Between Stupidity and Genius is That Genius Has Its Limits."
Mae West
"Whenever I Have to Choose Between Two Evils, I Always Like to Try the One I Haven’t Tried Before"
J. K. Galbraith
"In the Affluent Society, No Sharp Distinction Can Be Made Between Luxuries and Necessaries"
Canadian-American economist a leading proponent of the 20th century American liberalism and progressivism

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