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Big Ben

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Big Ben
   is situated in   
London. Big Ben is actually the bell in St Stephen's Tower but everyone calls the tower and clock that. Big Ben was first sounded on New Years Eve 1923. The numerals on the clock are 2 ft long and the copper arms are 14ft long.
Herbert Hoover
   owned a dog called   
Big Ben
The Clock in St. Stephen's Tower (London Tower) is Named Big Ben
Big Ben is the name of the 13.5 ton Bell in the St. Stephen's Tower of the Houses of Parliament in London, the name is often incorrectly applied to the clock itself. The Bell was named for Benjamin Hall, who was Chief Commissioner of Works in 1856 when the bell was cast.
Big Ben Clock Tower
   was designed by   
Sir Charles Barry
Clock designed by Sir Edmund Beckett.
Big Bend National Park
   is located in   
Founded in 1944, encompasses 1,252 mi².
The U.S.A.
   is the location of   
Big Bend National Park
Big Bend Recluse Spider
   has the Latin name   
Loxosceles Bland
Sicariidae Family
Big Bend
   is found at   
Lime Rock

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