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Blood (Maltese)

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Blood (Maltese)
A small fruit and are the best oranges to use for sorbets and dessert where colour is important. They are the essential ingredient of the Maltaise sauce, an orange-flavoured mayonnaise, which takes its name from the sour, but juicy, Maltese blood orange. Their flavour has an interesting mix of oranges, raspberries, and concord grapes. Its pulp ranges from red to reddish purple, and its rind from an orange to an orange deeply suffused with red. The branches of the tree are covered with thorns, which could also have contributed to the name and not just the colour of the fruit. It is generally thought to have originated in Italy as a mutation, and has been cultivated there for centuries. It is also extensively grown in southern Spain and Malta, although the Maltese claim origin. Blood oranges are also raised on a small scale in California which is raising more awareness of its existence in North America.

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