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By Your

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Henry VI, Part II
"As by Your High Imperial Majesty, I Had in Charge at My Depart for France"
As by your high imperial majesty I had in charge at my depart for France, As procurator to your excellence, To marry Princess Margaret for your grace, So, in the famous ancient city, Tours, In presence of the Kings of France and Sicil, The Dukes of Orleans, Calaber, Bretagne and Alencon, Seven earls, twelve barons and twenty reverend bishops, I have perform'd my task and was espoused: And humbly now upon my bended knee, In sight of England and her lordly peers, Deliver up my title in the queen To your most gracious hands, that are the substance Of that great shadow I did represent; The happiest gift that ever marquess gave, The fairest queen that ever king received.
Taming of the Shrew
"'Tis a Wonder, by Your Leave, She Will Be Tam'd So."
Tammy Wynette
   had a U.K. Number One single with   
Stand By Your Man
May 11 1975 for 3 weeks
The Black Crowes
   released the album   
By Your Side (1998)
Tammy Wynette
Stand By Your Man
1968. #1 US and Canadian Country charts. Re-released 1998.
   has the lyric:   
What'll You Do when You Get Lonely, No One Waiting by Your Side?
Eric Clapton
Stand By Your Man
   was released by   
Tammy Wynette
1968 - inducted in 1999
   is missing from the title of   
By Your ___
The Black Crowes (1998)
Tammy Wynette
   signature tune is   
Stand By Your Man
1968, country song, US Country Charts no,1
Stand By Your Man
   has the opening line   
Sometimes It Hard To Be A Woman
1975, Tammy Wynette
   the winner was   
By Your Side
Composed by Tenth Avenue North
Tammy Wynette
   released the single   
Stand By Your Man
1968; inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1999
   has the lyric:   
Be Yourself, by Yourself Stay Away from Me

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