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Cape Verde

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Cape Verde
   has this flag:   

   is the international car registration for   
Cape Verde Islands
Cape Verde
   has the capital   
In the 16th century, the archipelago prospered from the transatlantic slave trade. The first population settlement was established at the Port of Praia with people from the villages of Ribeira Grande in 1515. Praia became the capital in 1770
Cape Verde
   uses the   
Cape Verdean escudo (CVE)
   is an official language of   
Cape Verde
   internet domain is used by   
Cape Verde
Cape Verde
   has the anthem   
Cântico Da Liberdade
The song of freedom
Cape Verde
   is governed by a   
Semi-presidential Republic
   comes from   
Cape Verde
Cape Verde’s national dish; a stew with fish or meat with beans, corn and sweet potato.
Cape Verde Islands
   belongs to   
Cape Verde
1557 sq. mi.
Alvise Da Cadamosto
Claims to Have Discovered the Cape Verde Islands
Navigator and merchant who sailed for Prince Henry of Portugal, in 1455 Cadamosto reached the mouth of the Gambia River and in 1456 sailed the Gambia River to the Geba River
Cape Verde Islands
   has the mark   
Cape Verde
   is situated in   
Cape Verde
   gained independence in   
5 July. Portugal
Cabo Verde Airlines
   is based in   
Cape Verde
National flag carrier
   is in   
The Cape Verde Islands
Fogo has erupted ten times between 1500 and 1995. 9,279 feet (2,829 m).
Cape Verde
   calls its legislative assembly   
Asembleia Nacional
Cape Verde
   has an area of   
4,033 Km²
   largest country in the world is   
Cape Verde
4,033 km²
Praia, Cape Verde
   is at   
15°02'N 23°34'W
Cape Verde Islands
   has the country calling code   
Cape Verde
   has the time zone   
Cape Verde Time
Cape Verde
   has this coat of arms   

   comes from   
Cape Verde
Cape Verde Plain
   is found in the   
Atlantic Ocean
Ribeira Grande
   was formerly the capital of   
Cape Verde
Moved to Praia, 1462 - 1770
President Jorge Carlos Fonseca
   is Head of State of   
Cape Verde
Since September 2011

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