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Charles Darwin

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Charles Darwin
Darwin on board the ship HMS Beagle. Also Darwin's own magnifying lens and the flora and fauna that he may have come across on his travels.
Charles Darwin Published The Origin of the Species Was Published
Charles Darwin
   was born on   
February 12, 1809
British naturalist
Charles Darwin
The Life and Letters Of Charles Darwin
Published 1876. Edited by his son Frances Darwin after his death.
Charles Darwin
   lifespan was   
English naturalist.
The Beagle
   was famous for being   
The Ship That Carried Charles Darwin on His Voyage
   is the location of   
Charles Darwin National Park
Northern Territory. 4 km southeast of Darwin. Notable for a number of World War 2-era concrete bunkers, one of which has been converted into a visitors centre and display of World War 2 memorabilia. Area: 13.02 km².
Charles Darwin
The Creator of the Theory of Natural Selection
Published as Origin of the Species -- Born 1809 CE, died 1882 CE
Charles Darwin
The Origin of Species
Or to give it its full and beautiful title "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life". Natural selection, variation, the struggle for existence, survival of the fittest.
Charles Darwin
Descent of Man
2nd book outlining the application of Darwin's theory of human evolution, it deals with ape ancestry
Charles Darwin
   is featured in the biography   
The Origin
Biographical novel by Irving Stone, 1980
Creation (2009)
   is a film about   
Charles Darwin
Portrayed by Paul Bettany
Charles Darwin
   is buried in   
Westminster Abbey, London, England
Scientist, philosopher, North Choir aisle, 1809-1882

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