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Long Ago And Far Away
   featured in the film   
Cover Girl (1944)
Booby Hatch
   is defined as (a)   
Sliding Cover to Allow Access or Passage to the Hold
Franklyn Cover
   was an   
Evenly Cover Food With Flour, Crumbs or a Batter
   in Portuguese is   
Something So Strong
   has the lyric:   
Love Can Make You Weep, Can Make You Run for Cover
Crowded House
Blood, Sweat & Tears
   are named after   
A Johnny Cash Album Cover
Cash's 1963 album entitled "Blood, Sweat & Tears."
Cover The Hitter
When Players Cluster Around Their Teammate Spiking, to Play up Any Blocks
A defense should always cover the hitters
The Clothes Make the Man
Never Judge a Book by Its Cover
Ireland, Macpherson, Brinkley, Banks
   are all   
Sports Illustrated Cover Models
Cover You in Oil
Marilyn Monroe Was Playboy’s First Cover Girl and Center Fold
December 1953
Charles Vidor
Cover Girl (1944)
Cover Girl Killer (1959)
Harry H. Corbett, Felicity Young and Spencer Teakle
Director: Terry Bishop. Also starred Victor Brooks, Bernadette Milnes & Christina Gregg
Terry Bishop
Cover Girl Killer (1959)
   is the elvish word for   
Cover from Light
   is the elvish word for   
Roof, Cover
   is the elvish word for   
Roof, Cover
"Lemon of Troy"
   featured the chalkboard gag   
"The First Amendment Does Not Cover Burping"
Eddy Duchin
   released the record   
I Cover the Waterfront
1933; peaked at #3 on the Billboard chart
Peter Sellers
   was/were the first   
Male to Appear on the Cover of Playboy Magazine
Anthony Caro
   created the sculpture   
Black Cover Flat, 1974
Tel Aviv Museum of Art
To Cover
   in Filipino is   
   connects points of   
Equal Cloud Cover
Clear Slots
Local Regions of Clearing Skies or Reduced Cloud Cover
Iindicating an intrusion of drier air; often seen as a bright area with higher cloud bases on the west or southwest side of a wall cloud. As a rear flank downdraft descends and dries out cloud and occludes around a mesocyclone.
Broken Clouds
Clouds Which Cover Between 6/10 and 9/10 of the Sky
Cover Her Face by P. D. James
   was titled from the literary source   
The Duchess of Malfi
John Webster
I’ll Cover You
   comes from the musical   
Born In The U.S.A.
Cover Me
1984, US Billboard 7, UK 16
Bob Adams
   was played by John Wayne in   
I Cover The War (1937)
Cover Your Rig
P. D. James
Cover Her Face
Hooke, Newton, Kepler, Archimedes, Bernoulli
   are all   
Scientists Who Discovered Physics Formulas/Phenomena
Coated Lens
   is described as   
A Lens Covered With a Very Thin Layer of Transparent Material
Reduces the amount of light reflected by the surface of the lens.
Marie Curie
A Scientist Who Discovered Radium
She would eventually die from radiation poisoning...
Open Land Usually Covered With Heather and Bracken
Backdoor Closed
Rear of Convoy Covered for Police
Fishing Expedition
   is defined as   
An Investigation Undertaken in the Hope of Discovering Useful Information
Legal grasping at straws
Tomas De Torquemada
   is played by Marlon Brando in   
Christopher Columbus: The Discovery (1992)
   cheese comes from   
Not a deep purple cheese.
Black Ice
Thin, New Ice That Forms on Fresh Water or Dew Covered Surfaces
It is common on roadways during the fall and early winter and appears "black" because of its transparency.
Alfred North Whitehead
"Everything of Importance Has Been Said Before by Somebody Who Did Not Discover It"
English mathematician and philosopher. Collaborated with former pupil Bertrand Russell to write Principia Mathematica.
Wagon Tramps
   is hobo slang for   
Families Who Travel in Covered Wagons
I'm Busier Than a Cat Covering a Marble in a Litterbox
I'm Quite Busy
Sir Alexander Flemming, Ernst Boris Chain and Sir Howard Florey
   won for work on   
The Discovery of Penicillin
1945 - It's curative effect in various infectious diseases
Outer Covering of a Seed
Mercury, Apollo, Challenger , Discovery
   are all   
U.S. Spacecraft
National Recovery Act, Social Security, WPA
   are all   
New Deal Programs

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