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Dennis Rodman

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Dennis Rodman
   is famous for being a   
Basketball Player
He is the all time leader in rebound rate and generally regarded as one the greatest re bounders of all-time, nicknamed The Worm and stands 6ft 7inches
Dennis Rodman
   was in the episode   
Treehouse of Horror XVI
As himself
Dennis Rodman
   has the nickname   
Given the nickname Worm because of the twisty manner he has of working a pinball machine - and because it is also applicable to the way he maneuvers around the basket. Also known as 'Denis the Menace', 'Rodzilla', 'D-Rod', 'Rod the Bod' and 'The Red Mound of Rebound'. Known for his eccentric and attention-hunting behavior, especially his habit of changing hair colours weekly or daily.

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