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Raymond York
Off-The-Film Metering
   is described as   
A Method to Determine Exposure by Reading Light Reflected from the Film During Picture-taking.
The Property of Sound Determined by a Sound’s Frequency of Vibration
. Note “A” at modern concert pitch is defined to be 440 Hz
Through-The-Lens Metering
   is described as   
Meter That Determines Exposure for the Scene by Reading Light That Passes Through the Lens
Built into the camera
   believes in the theory   
Actions Are Determined by Prior History; Fatalism
   believes in the theory   
All Phenomena Are Historically Determined
E.B. White
"I Get up Every Morning Determined to Both Change the World and Have One Hell of a Good Time. Sometimes This Makes Planning My Day Difficult"
Bobby Fuller
   died in   
1966 aged 23 Cause Undetermined
rock singer, guitarist American
The Features of an Organism Determined by a Set of Chromosomes
   believes in the theory   
Utility of Actions Determines Moral Value
Chicken Run (2000)
   has the tagline   
There's Nothing More Determined Than Poultry With a Plan.
   believes in the theory   
Events Are Predetermined by Preceding Events or Laws
   believes in the theory   
The Actions of a Self Are Determined by Itself
Renate Müller
   died in   
1937 aged 31 cause Undetermined, Suicide, or Murder by Gestapo Agents
actress German

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