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Eva Gabor

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Eva Gabor
   has the epitaph   
"Our Darling Eva We Love You"
Westwood Memorial Park; Los Angeles California
Eva Gabor
   is the voice of   
The Rescuers Down Under (1990)
Love Island (1952)
Paul Valentine, Eva Gabor and Malcolm Lee Beggs
Director: Bud Pollard. Also starred Frank McNellis, Dean Norton & Kathryn Chang
Wake Me When the War Is Ove (1969)
Ken Berry, Eva Gabor and Werner Klemperer
Director: Gene Nelson. Also starred Danielle De Metz, Hans Conried & Jim Barkus. Plot: During the latter days of WW2 an American Lieutenant (Berry), accidentally falls out of an airplane that he was on and falls into German territory...
The Rescuers Down Under (1990)
   had the voice actors   
Bob Newhart, Eva Gabor & John Candy
(Disney) Used the new computerised CAPS process. The animation and backgrounds were done traditionally but all of the colouring, many effects and the final film printing was all done digitally.

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