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Galileo Galilei

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Galileo Galilei
   was born on   
February 15, 1564
Italian scientist; constructed a telescope with which he verified the Copernican theory of the universe
Galileo Galilei Invented the Thermometer
Galileo Galilei
   was born in   
Pisa, Italy
1564; astronomer, mathematician
Galileo Galilei
The Father of Modern Physics
Born 1564 CE, died 1642 CE
Galileo Galilei
   International Airport is in   
Pisa, Italy
It is one of the two main airports in Tuscany together with Peretola Airport in Florence
Galileo Galilei Born
February 15
Galileo Galilei
The Law of Falling Bodies
(1604) He overturned nearly 2,000 years of Aristotelian belief that heavier bodies fall faster than lighter ones by proving that all bodies fall at the same rate.
Galileo Galilei
   is buried in   
Santa Croce Church, Florence, Italy
Astronomer, d. 1642
Galileo Galilei
Dialogues Concerning the Two New Sciences

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