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Harvey Korman

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Tim Conway, Vicki Lawrence, Harvey Korman
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Regulars on the Carol Burnett Show
Americathon (1979)
John Ritter, Harvey Korman and Fred Willard
Director: Neal Israel. Also starred Chief Dan George, Richard Schaal & Peter Riegert. Plot: In a story told in narrative flashbacks, a young TV consultant is hired by the President of a bankrupt USA to organize a telethon in order to prevent the country from being repossessed by wealthy Native Americans.
Harvey Korman
   was an   
Also a voiceover artist. Emmy-winning comedic actor best known for playing the self-described "luminous second banana" for a decade on television's "The Carol Burnett Show" and for starring in such Mel Brooks films as "Blazing Saddles. Was a featured performer on The Danny Kaye Show. He also starred in the short-lived Mel Brooks TV series The Nutt House. Korman was nominated for six Emmy Awards for his work on The Carol Burnett Show, and won four times . He was also nominated for four Golden Globes for the series, winning in 1975.
Harvey Korman
   was a   
Voiceover Artist
Also an Emmy-winning comedic actor. His early television work included voice-over work on Tom and Jerry and as the Great Gazoo on The Flintstones. He did voice work for the live-action movie The Flintstones as well as the animated The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue.

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