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   is the   
Lowest Surface Point of Any Ocean Island
Depression of 110 ft below sea level
   belongs to   
Dominican Republic
28,840 sq. mi. Dominican Republic-Haiti
Ponce De Leon
Found an Island Near Hispaniola With Large Deposits of Gold
In 1506. Returned to Spain in 1508 and was ordered by king to return to explore and colonize the island which de Leon named Puerto Rico. He was Governor for 2 years when he was replaced by Columbus' son. de Leon sailed north towards Florida looking for the legendary Fountain of Youth, landing near St. Augustine in March 1513. He gave Florida its name.
Capt. J. Gump
   was captain of the   
USS Hispaniola
Deep Space Nine: "Whispers"
Captain Alexander Smollett
   was captain of the   
In Robert Louis Stevenson's 'Treasure Island'.
   belongs to   
Dominican Republic-Haiti. 28,840 sq. mi.
Hispaniola Plain
   is found in the   
Atlantic Ocean
Hispaniola, Puerto Rico, Jamaica
   are all   
Greater Antilles Islands
   has the national animal   
Hispaniolan Trogon

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