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If I Only Had A Brain/Heart/The Nerve
   featured in the film   
The Wizard Of Oz (1939)
If I Were A Rich Man
   featured in the film   
Fiddler On The Roof (1971)
Bruce Almighty (2003)
   has the tagline   
If You Could Be God for One Week, What Would You Do?
Tango & Cash (1989)
   has the tagline   
Two of L.A.'s Top Rival Cops Are Going to Have to Work Together... Even if It Kills Them.
De Facto
In Fact, if Not by Law
There's No Need to Fear the Wind
If Your Haystacks Are Tied Down
If You Lie Down With Dogs
You'll Rise With Fleas
If You Have One Pair of Good Soles
Its Better Than Two Pairs of Good Uppers
He'd Offer You an Egg if
You Promised Not to Break the Shell
Snuff at a Wake is Fine if
There's Nobody Sneezing over the Snuff Box
If You Put a Silk Dress on a Goat
He is a Goat Still
Remember Even if You Lose All
Keep Your Good Name for if You Lose That You Are Worthless
If Heaven Made Him
Earth Can Find Some Use for Him
If You Are Patient in One Moment of Anger
You Will Escape a Hundred Days of Sorrow
If You Bow at All
Bow Low
If You Don't Want Anyone to Know
Don't Do It
   has the lyric:   
If I Go Crazy then Will You Still Call Me Superman?
3 Doors Down
Nosferatu, the Vampire (1922)
   has the last line:   
“And at That Moment, As if by a Miracle, the Sick No Longer Died, and the Stifling Shadow of the Vampire Vanished With the Morning Sun.”
Switch to Communication Channel Number Preceding POGO. If Unable to Establish Communications, Switch to Channel Number Following POGO. If No Channel Number Follows POGO, Return to This Channel
Darned if I Know
Dumb & Dumber (1994)
   has the tagline   
If They Each Had Half a Brain, Together They Would Still Only Have Half a Brain.
   is speech which is   
Made As if the Voice Came from Elsewhere
Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)
   has the last line:   
“I Face It for the First Time With a Sense of Hope, Because if a Machine, a Terminator, Can Learn the Value of Human Life, Maybe We Can, Too.”
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005)
   has the last line:   
"What Were You All Doing in the Wardrobe?" "You Wouldn't Believe Us if We Told You, Sir." "Try Me."
How I Won the War (1967)
   has the tagline   
If You Think Richard Lester's "How I Won the War" Is Just Another War Film, Forget It....
The Masque of the Red Death (1964)
   has the tagline   
Stare Into His Face and Count if You Can the Orgies of Evil...
Life of Brian (1979)
   has the tagline   
Honk if You Love Brian
The Vampire Lovers (1970)
   has the tagline   
If You Dare...taste the Deadly Passion of the BLOOD-NYMPHS
Around the World in Eighty Days (1956)
   has the tagline   
It's a Wonderful World, if You'll Only Take the Time to Go Around It!
As if New
E.g. The coin was in mint condition.
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975)
   has the tagline   
If He's Crazy, What Does That Make You?
Race With the Devil (1975)
   has the tagline   
If You're Going to Race With the Devil, You've Got to Be As Fast As Hell!
If You’re Going Through Hell
Keep on Going
“If You’re Going Through Hell” by Rodney Atkins
If Your Body Matches What Your Eyes Can Do You’ll Probably
Move Right Through Me
“Paralyzer” by Finger Eleven
If You Were a Sailboat
I Would Sail You to the Shore
"If You Were A Sailboat" by Katie Melua
   is missing from the title of   
If You Can ___ Your Eyes and Ears
The Mamas and the Papas (1966)
If I Never See Your ___ Again
   contains the word   
Rihanna feat. Maroon 5 (2008)
"La Verité Vaut Bien Qu'on Passe Quelques Années Sans La Trouver"
Truth is More Valuable if It Takes a Few Years to Find It
Jules Renard
"Quand Le Vin Est Tiré, Il Faut Le Boire, Même S'il Est Bon"
When the Wine is Poured You Must Drink It Even if It's Good
Marcel Pagnol
Relative Humidity
The Amount of Water Vapor in the Air Relative to to the Amount the Air Could Hold if Totally Saturated
Compared to the amount the air could hold if it was totally saturated. Expressed as a percentage.
When Love With Unconfinèd Wings Hovers Within My Gates,
   ends with   
If I Have Freedom in My Love And in My Soul Am Free Angels Alone, That Soar Above, Enjoy Such Liberty.
To Althea, from Prison by Richard Lovelace
Yesli Khochetsya Rabotat', Lyag, Pospi, I Vsyo Proydyot.
If You Feel the Need to Work, Take a Nap and the Need Will Pass.
The song If I Never See Your ___ Againis missing the body part Face
Maroon 5 feat. Rihanna
A New Day Yesterday Live
If Heartaches Were Nickels
Ernest Hemingway
"All Good Books Have One Thing in Common - They Are Truer Than if They Had Really Happened"
American novelist, short-story writer and journalist
Rodney Dangerfield
"My Luck is So Bad That if I Bought a Cemetery, People Would Stop Dying."
Robert Louis Stevenson
"No Man is Useless Who Has a Friend, and if We Are Loved We Are Indispensable"
Scottish novelist, poet and travel writer
George Bernard Shaw
"I Am Enclosing Two Tickets to the First Night of My New Play, Bring a Friend... if You Have One."
To Winston Churchill, who responded "Cannot possibly attend first night, will attend second...if there is one."
Barbara Walters
"If It's a Woman, It’s Caustic; if It's a Man, It's Authoritative"
American journalist, writer and media personality
Sharyn McCrumb
   won the award for   
If Ever I Return Pretty Peggy-O

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