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   is a breed of   
New South Wales
   has the Emblem of the   
The bird emblem of New South Wales. This great brown kingfisher is sometimes called a 'laughing jackass' because of its distinctive territorial laughing call. They hunt snakes, lizards, fish and insects and live at forest edges, in clearings.
The Kookaburra
   is native to   
Australian aborigines have a legend about the Kookaburra. When the sun rose for the first time, the god Bayame ordered the kookaburra to utter its loud, almost human laughter in order to wake up mankind so that they wouldn't miss the wonderful sunrise. The aborigines also believed that any child who insulted a kookaburra would grow an extra slanting tooth.
Laughing Kookaburra
   belong to the order   
Family: Alcedinidae
"The Battle of Kookamonga"
   was released by   
Homer and Jethro
1960 - Best Comedy Album
Giggle Chicken
   is a humorous name for a   
Tree Haha
   is a humorous name for a   

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