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To Howl Loudly or Prolongedly in Lamentation or Joy
Giotto Di Bondone
The Lamentation of Christ
1304-06, Italy; Cappella dei Scrovegni, Padua
An Exclamation of Sorrow and Lamentation
Andrea Mantegna
The Lamentation Over the Dead Christ
1480; Italy; oil on canvas, Milan: Pinacoteca di Brera
   was choreographed by   
Martha Graham
First premiered in 1930. Music by Zoltan Kodály.
Niccolò Dell'Arca
   created the sculpture   
Lamentation Over the Dead Christ, C. 1463
Painted terracotta; in situ, Santa Maria della Vita, Bologna
Boney’s Lamentation
   relates to the   
Napoleonic Wars
Regarding Napoleon’s abdication
John Tavener
Lamentations and Praises
12 male voices, string quartet, flute, bass trombone, percussion
Haydn's Symphony No. 26
   has the nickname   
Composed by Joseph Haydn
Thomas Tallis
Lamentations of Jeremiah
John Tavener
Lamentations and Praises
Lamentations a Monument for the Dead World (1985)
   with a run time of   
7 Hrs
427 min
The Tallis Scholars
Victoria: Lamentations of Jeremiah
Peter Phillips; Gimell Records, 2010; Grammy nominee
Haydn's Symphony No. 26 in D Minor is commonly known as The Lamentatione Symphony.
John Tavener, Lamentations and Praises
Handel & Haydn Society of Boston ensemble; Teldec, 2001

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