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Mork and Mindy
   is a spin-off from   
Happy Days
Mork & Mindy
   is set in   
Boulder, CO
"Nanu, Nanu"
   is the catch phrase of   
Mork from Ork
   appears in   
Mork and Mindy
   appears in   
Mork and Mindy
Mindy McConnell
   appears in   
Mork and Mindy
   appears in   
Mork and Mindy
   is the home planet of   
Humanoid alien in the sitcom Mork & Mindy.
TV Show
Mork & Mindy
   final episode was called   
The Mork Report
Ran from 1978 until 1982 with four seasons and 95 episodes
   is a character in the song   
The Beloved
   appear in the universe of   
Mork & Mindy
The series starred Robin Williams as Mork, an alien who came to Earth from the planet Ork in a large egg-shaped space ship. Mork's greeting was "Na-Nu Na-Nu" (pronounced "nah-noo nah-noo", sometimes spelled Nanoo Nanoo) along with a hand gesture similar to Mr. Spock's Vulcan salute from Star Trek combined with a handshake.
Truls Mork
Hallgrimsson Cello Concerto
Scottish Chamber Orchestra; Ondine, 2009
Truls Mork
   is associated with the   
B. 1961, Bergen, Norway
Mindy McConnell & Mork (Mork and Mindy)
   can be found at   
1619 Pine Street Boulder, CO.
The actual address of the house used for exterior shots in the series. It has become a popular destination for fans, particularly after the Robin William's death in 2014.
Morkin House
   was created by   
James Joyce
From "Dubliners", 1914
Morkul Kua Luan
The Spirit Responsible for Guarding the Sorghum Grass Used in Daily Food

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