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Major Nelson
   appears in   
I Dream Of Jeannie
Nelson Muntz
   appears in   
The Simpsons
Always on My Mind
   was sung by   
Willie Nelson
Nelson A. Rockefeller
   served as Vice-President under   
Gerald R. Ford
Became VP under provisions of the 25th Amendment
Nelson Muntz
A Springfield Elementary School Bully
Nelson Mandela Muntz
Admiral Nelson & Admiral Villeneuve
   led opposing forces at the   
Battle of Trafalgar
The French defeat at Trafalgar forced Napoleon to abandon hopes of invading Britain.
Nelson Muntz
   is an arch-enemy of   
Bart Simpson
   family appears in   
Adventures Of Ozzie and Harriet
Ozzie and Harriet Nelson and their sons David and Eric 'Ricky'
Willie Nelson
   released the single   
On the Road Again
1980; inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2011
Willie Nelson
   released the single   
Always on My Mind
1982; inducted in the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2008
Ricky Nelson
   released the single   
Hello Mary Lou
1961; peaked at #9 on the U.S. Billboard Top 100
Willie Nelson
   released the album   
Red Headed Stranger (1975)
Singles from the album included "Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain" and "Remember Me".
Willie Nelson
   released the song   
On the Road Again
Willie Nelson & Waylon Jennings
Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys
Lord Horatio Nelson
   appeared in   
That Hamilton Woman
Nelson Mandela
Long Walk to Freedom
George Nelson
   has the nickname   
US bank robber
Azumah Nelson
   comes from   
New Zealand
   is the location of   
Nelson Lakes National Park
'The Battle of the Baltic' by Thomas Campbell
   has the opening lines   
Of Nelson and the North, Sing the Glorious Day's Renown...
When to battle fierce came forth, All the might of Denmark's crown, And her arms along the deep proudly shone; By each the lighted brand, In a bold determined hand, And the price of all the land, Led them on.
Nelson Fox
   is famous for   
Scrappy White Sox 2nd Baseman, MVP, 1959
Struck out only 216 times in 9232 at-bats
The Family Stone (2005)
Sarah Jessica Parker, Diane Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Dermot Mulroney and Craig T. Nelson
Director: Thomas Bezucha. A woman travels to meet her boyfriend's family who take an instant dislike to her.
Horatio Nelson
   was born in   
Burnham-Thorpe, England
1758-1805. United Kingdom’s greatest admiral and a naval hero
Stephen Biko, Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela
   are all   
Anti-Apartheid Advocates
Richard Bull
Nelson "Nels" Oleson
Nelson Algren
A Walk on the Wild Side
Jacob Nelson Fox (1947-65)
   had the nickname   
Rick Nelson
   is the stage name of   
Eric Hilliard Nelson
American singer 1940-1985
Nelson Eddy
   was considered for the role of   
Gaylord Ravenal in Show Boat (1951)
Howard Keel got the part
   has a variety named   
Lord Nelson
Willie Nelson
   is a   
1997 [Country Music]
O Brother, Where Art Thou? (200)
George Clooney, John Turturro and Tim Blake Nelson
Director: Joel Coen. Also starred John Goodman, Holly Hunter & Chris Thomas King. Plot: Homer's epic poem "The Odyssey", set in the deep south during the 1930's. In it, three escaped convicts search for hidden treasure while a relentless lawman pursues them.
"Red Headed Stranger"
   was released by   
Willie Nelson
1975 - inducted in 2002
Nelson - Saskatchewan
   River runs through   
The U.S.A.
2,570 km. The U.S.A. / Canada
Nelson - Saskatchewan
   River runs through   
2,570 km. The U.S.A. / Canada
   is the stage name of   
Prince Rogers Nelson
What do you know. It really is his name.
Ryan Gosling
   won the Spirit award for   
Half Nelson
2006 - Best Male Lead
Invictus (2009)
   is a film about   
Nelson Mandela
Portrayed by Morgan Freeman
Moonlight In Vermont
   was performed by   
Willie Nelson
Toby Keith & Willie Nelson
Beer For My Horses
2002, US 22
Nelson Mandela
   was a   
President of South Africa; anti-apartheid revolutionary and philanthropist
   was the year   
Nelson Mandela Was Freed. He Would Have Been Released Earlier but Refused to Renounce Violence.
Indian Love Call
   was released by   
Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald
1937 - inducted in 2008
Always on My Mind
   was released by   
Willie Nelson
1982 - inducted in 2008
On the Road Again
   was released by   
Willie Nelson
1980 - inducted in 2011
Nelson Mandela
   was a   
Nobel Laureate
South African winner of Nobel Peace Prize in 1993
Nelson Mandela
   was an   
African Activist
Anti-apartheid revolutionary; served as President of the African National Congress from 1991 to 1997
Nelson Mandela
"The Brave Man is Not He Who Does Not Feel Afraid, but He Who Conquers That Fear"
Former President of South Africa. Was an anti-apartheid activist
Nelson Mandela
"When You Let Your Own Light Shine, You Unconsciously Give Others Permission to Do the Same"
Former President of South Africa. Was an anti-apartheid activist
Nelson Mandela
"Courage is Not the Absence of Fear, but the Triumph over It"
South African political activist and Nobel Prize winner

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