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Night and Day

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Tony Bennett
Night And Day
Fred Astaire
   released the record   
Night and Day
1932; #1 on the Billboard chart
Virginia Woolf
Night and Day
Night and Day (1946)
   Cary Grant appeared as   
Cole Porter
Film also stars Alexis Smith, Monty Woolley, Ginny Simms, Jane Wyman, and Eve Arden.
Night and Day (1946)
   is a film about   
Cole Porter
Starring Cary Grant
Cole Porter
Night and Day
Night and Day
   has the opening line   
Like the Beat Beat Beat of the Tom-tom When the Jungle Shadows Fall
Written by Cole Porter for the 1932 stage musical 'Gay Divorce' and the 1934 film version 'Gay Divorcee'. Fred Astaire starred in both productions and had a #1 hit with this song.
Night and Day
   was released by   
Leo Reisman and His Orchestra, Vocals by Fred Astaire
1932 - inducted in 2004
The Man Who Haunted Himself (1970)
   has the tagline   
Stalked by Fear and Terror-night and Day!
I Ran All Night and Day. I Couldn't
Get Away
"I Ran (So Far Away)" -- byt Flock of Seagulls
Roy Miller
   was played by Tom Cruise in   
Knight and Day (2010)
Director, James Mangold

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