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St Cecilia
The Patron Saint of Music
Virgin and martyr of the early church
   Melbourne Cup winner was   
Jockey - Henry G. Dawes, Trainer - Richard Bradfield, Owner - F. W. Purches, Time - 3.31.00
   winner was   
William Hayward up, Trainer: Lewis Stuart, Owner: J. Stuart -- 2:12.00
Susan Patron
The Higher Power of Lucky
Gaius Maecenas
   was a   
Roman Patron of the Arts
Wealthy and generous patron for Augustan poets; 70 BC-c. 8 BC
A Patronym
A Name Derived from the Name of One’s Father
Handle, Patronym, Tag, Appelation
   are all   
Names for Names
Titus Andronicus
"Noble Patricians, Patrons of My Right, Defend the Justice of My Cause With Arms"
Noble patricians, patrons of my right, Defend the justice of my cause with arms, And, countrymen, my loving followers, Plead my successive title with your swords: I am his first-born son, that was the last That wore the imperial diadem of Rome; Then let my father's honours live in me, Nor wrong mine age with this indignity.
A Person Who Attempts to Attract Patrons to Entertainment Events
Patron, Sauza, Jose Cuervo
   are all   
Brands of Tequila
Tequila is made from the Blue Agave plant native to Mexico… and there are literally hundreds of Tequila Brands
“Expecto Patronum”
   is used to   
Defend Yourself from Dementors
Conjures an incarnation of wizard’s innermost positive emotions. ‘Patronus’ is Latin for ‘protector’.

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