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Queen Elizabeth

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Queen Elizabeth II
   Time 'Person of the Year' was   
Queen Elizabeth II
Ascended to the throne in 1952, but not crowned until 1953.
Queen Elizabeth II / Sir Rodney Williams
   is Head of State of   
Antigua and Barbuda
Since August 2014
Queen Elizabeth II / General David Hurley
   is Head of State of   
Since July 2019
Queen Elizabeth II / Cornelius A. Smith
   is Head of State of   
Since June 2019
Queen Elizabeth II / Dame Sandra Mason
   is Head of State of   
Since January 2018
Queen Elizabeth II / Sir Colville Young
   is Head of State of   
Since November 1993
Queen Elizabeth II / Julie Payette
   is Head of State of   
Since October 2017
Queen Elizabeth II / Dame Cecile La Grenade
   is Head of State of   
Since May 2013
Queen Elizabeth II / Sir Patrick Allen
   is Head of State of   
Since February 2009
Queen Elizabeth II / Patsy Reddy
   is Head of State of   
New Zealand
Since September 2016
Queen Elizabeth II / Sir Robert Dadae
   is Head of State of   
Papua New Guinea
Since February 2017
Queen Elizabeth II / Sir Tapley Seaton
   is Head of State of   
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Since May 2015
Queen Elizabeth II / Sir Neville Cenac
   is Head of State of   
Saint Lucia
Since January 2018
Queen Elizabeth II / Susan Dougan
   is Head of State of   
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Since August 2019.
Queen Elizabeth II / David Vunagi
   is Head of State of   
Solomon Islands
Since July 2019
Queen Elizabeth II / Sir Iakoba Italeti
   is Head of State of   
Since April 2010
Queen Elizabeth II
   is Head of State of   
United Kingdom
Since February 1952
Queen Elizabeth II
   was born on   
April 21, 1926
Queen of the United Kingdom
Queen Elizabeth II
   owned a dog called   
Her first corgi. The Queen's Corgis were called Pharos (killed by Princess Anne's dog), Swift, Emma, Holly and Linnet; three 'Dorgis' called Brandy, Cider and Berry and five Cocker Spaniels called Bisto, Oxo, Flash, Spick and Span.
Queen Elizabeth
   is situated in   
It was here in Suite 1742 in 1969 (during the Vietnam War) where former Beatle, John Lennon and new wife Yoko Ono held their Bed In for Peace and penned and recorded the lyrics to the song Give Peace a Chance
Queen Elizabeth Ranges
   are located in   
   is the location of   
Queen Elizabeth National Park
Next To No Time
   featured the   
Queen Elizabeth
The Magic Christian
   featured the   
Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth Oak
   is found in   
Tree under which Elizabeth I was told she would be queen.
$20 Note
Queen Elizabeth II
Front. Also features two of the three NZ parliament buildings including the Beehive, so-called because of its distinctive shape.
Edict of 1577
   was signed by   
Queen Elizabeth I
Provides for the removal of Spanish troops from the Netherlands; upholds Pacification of Ghent
Musgrave Watson
   created the sculpture   
Queen Elizabeth I, 1844
Pussycat Pussycat
   possibly originated from   
Queen Elizabeth I's Lady in Waiting's Cat
The Order of Canada
   was founded by   
Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth I of England
   is played by Bette Davis in   
The Virgin Queen (1955)
Also starred: Richard Todd, Joan Collins, Herbert Marshall, Dan O'Herlihy
Queen Elizabeth I Born
7 September 1533
The character Queen Elizabeth II was played by Helen Mirren
The Queen (2006)
Queen Elizabeth
   is played by Judi Dench in   
Shakespeare in Love (1998)
Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress
Nicholas Hilliard
Queen Elizabeth I
C. 1575, oil on wood; Tate Gallery, London
Queen Elizabeth II

Queen of the Commonwealth Realms, 1952 to Present
Buckingham Palace, London, England
   is the address of   
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II
   owned a dog called   
Linnet (& Emma, Holly and Willow)
The Queen’s own corgis. She also has corgis that belonged to the Queen mother.
   was ridden by   
Queen Elizabeth II
A black mare presented to the queen by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1969 and was ridden by her in the annual Trooping the Colour ceremony until 1986.

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