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Thomas Pynchon
Gravity's Rainbow
D. H. Lawrence
The Rainbow
Subject of an obscenity trial in 1915. Copies were seized and burned. Banned in UK for 11 years.
Over The Rainbow
   featured in the film   
The Wizard Of Oz (1939)
Rainbow Connection
   featured in the film   
The Muppet Movie (1979)
How Are Things In Glocca Morra?
   featured in the film   
Finian's Rainbow (1968)
Aido Hwedo
A West African Rainbow Serpent
Before the Earth was formed the genderless Creator God, named Nana-Buluku by the Fon people of Dahomey, created a companion dragon called Aido Hwedo who was both male and female.It was a dragon able to move with ease between Heaven and Earth who carried the Creator in its mouth. Said to have created the mountains from its dung.
Harold Arlen
Over The Rainbow
   the winner was   
Broken Rainbow
An in-depth look at the forced relocation of 10,000 Navajo Indians from Hopi Land for a coal mine in 1974.
   in Spanish is   
Ritchie Blackmore
   has played guitar in   
A Rainbow
An Arc of Coloured Light Caused by the Interaction of the Sun and Rain Droplets
Caused by refraction of the sun's rays by rain
   released the album   
Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow (1975)
   released the album   
Rising (1976)
A High Lob over the Defenders
Every rainbow hopes to hit the “pot of gold” open court near the back line
Oscars, Cichlids, Rainbow Sharks
   are all   
Aggressive Tropical Fish
Rainbow Falls
   is situated in   
Whatcom County
   is associated with   
Homosexual People
Sometimes called the freedom flag, has been used as a synbol of LGBT pride
Wes Craven
The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988)
Rainbow Serpent Festival
   is held in   
Is a large electronic music, art and lifestyle festival, located in Victoria, Australia. It is considered by some one of the best festivals in the world 2007 was its 10th year running.
   is the   
Maori Rainbow God
You Can Only See a Rainbow With Your Back to the Sun.
The Rainbow Jacket (1954)
Robert Morley, Kay Walsh and Edward Underdown
Director: Basil Dearden. Also starred Fella Edmonds, Bill Owen & Charles Victor. Plot: A champion jockey is banned from racing so spends his time helping a young lad to become the next champion.
Jeff Gordon
   is called   
"The Rainbow Warrior"
   is the elvish word for   
   in French is   
   in German is   
Christina Rossetti
The Rainbow
"Boats sail on the rivers, And ships sail on the seas; But clouds that sail across the sky Are prettier than these …"
Iridescent Clouds
Clouds Showing Vivid Unusual or Rainbow Colours
They are formed from small water droplets of near uniform size. When the sun is properly positioned, mostly behind thick clouds, these thin clouds almost coherently diffract sunlight, and like a rainbow, different wavelengths are diffracted different amounts. Thus the rainbow effect.
Supernumerary Arcs
Bands, Usually Pink or Green on the Inside of a Primary Rainbow
They result from interference of light rays which emerge from water droplets in the same direction. The number of visible supernumerary arcs depends upon the size of the raindrops.
Secondary Rainbow
A Reversed-colour Bow Above a Primary Rainbow
The secondary rainbow is about 10° further out from the anti-solar point than the primary bow, is about twice as wide. The light of the secondary bow is about one-tenth the intensity of that of the primary bow, given the same viewing conditions.
Over the Rainbow
   was released by   
Judy Garland
1939 - inducted in 1981; Oscar winner for "The Wizard of Oz"
   is the Greek God or Goddess of   
The Rainbow
Over the Rainbow
   was featured in   
The Wizard of Oz
1939 - Composed by Harold Arlen, E.Y. Harburg
   is missing from the title of   
Ritchie Blackmore's ___
Rainbow (1975)
   in Macedonian is   
Also known as 'ѕуница'
Rainbow Islands

Rainbow Islands

Rainbow Lorikeet
   belong to the order   
Northern and eastern Australia
Optical Phenomenon when Light is Refracted and Reflected by Moisture in the Air
John Constable
Hampstead Heath With a Rainbow
Oil on canvas, 1836; Tate Britain
How Are Things In Glocca Morra?
   comes from the musical   
Finian's Rainbow
Their Satanic Majesties Request
She's A Rainbow
1967, US 25
Gravity's Rainbow
A Screaming Comes Across the Sky
Thomas Pynchon, 1973
Harold Arlen
Over the Rainbow
   in Hawaiian is   
Mr. Rainbow
   is played by Christopher Walken in   
Shoot the Sun Down (1978)
Christopher Theofandis
Rainbow Body
For orchestra, 2000
Silver Rainbow
Over the ____
   contains the word   
From the Wizard of Oz
Enhydris Enhydris
   is the tautonym for   
Rainbow Water Snake
Found in or near fresh water over a wide-spread area of Asia.

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