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Saint Lucia

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Saint Lucia
   has the capital   
Castries was founded by the French in 1650 and in 1814 came under British control. The town was rebuilt after being largely destroyed by fire in 1948 and, when St Lucia gained independence in 1979, Castries became the capital of the new state.
Saint Lucia
   uses the   
East Caribbean dollar (XCD)
   internet domain is used by   
Saint Lucia
Saint Lucia
   is governed by a   
Constitutional Monarchy
Queen Elizabeth II / Sir Neville Cenac
   is Head of State of   
Saint Lucia
Since January 2018
St. Lucia
   belongs to   
Saint Lucia
240 sq. mi.
Saint Lucia
   is situated in   
The Caribbean
Saint Lucia
   gained independence in   
22 February. United Kingdom
Saint Lucia
   is the site of   
Pitons Management Area
Saint Lucia
   has a motto   
The Land, the People, the Light
Saint Lucia
   has an area of   
606 Km²
616 km² incl. water.
   largest country in the world is   
Saint Lucia
539 km²
Castries, Saint Lucia
   is at   
14°02'N 60°58'W
Saint Lucia
   has the time zone   
Saint Lucia
   has this coat of arms   

Dried and Salted Cod
   comes from   
Saint Lucia
Also: Green Bananas
Green Bananas
   comes from   
Saint Lucia
Also: Dried and salted cod

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