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September Flower
   belongs to the genus   
   birthstone is   
American Idiot
   featured the track   
Wake Me Up When September Ends
A song about the death of lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong's father.
Sherman Edwards
See You In September
Will Smith
   was born on   
September 25, 1968
Fresh Prince
Jesse James
   was born on   
September 5, 1847
Famous American outlaw
Buddy Holly
   was born on   
September 7, 1936
American rock n' roll singer
Brigitte Bardot
   was born on   
September 28, 1934
French actress and animal rights activist
Miguel De Cervantes
   was born on   
September 29, 1547
Spanish writer; auther of Don Quixote
Labor Day (U.S.A.)
   is held on   
First Monday in September
Federal Holiday
Labour Day (CAN)
   is held on   
First Monday in September
   represents the period   
23rd September to 22nd October
   represents the period   
23rd August to 22nd September
   in Spanish is   
   was built on   
24th September 1960
Built at Chatham Dockyard Broken Up 1991
St. Wenceslas Day (Czech Republic)
   is held on   
September 28th
Czech Statehood Day
U.S.S. Virginia
Sunk on Purpose by Navy to Demonstrate Air Power, September 1923
Commissioned May 1906 -- BB-13
September Club
The Students Who Have to Return After Summer Holidays for Retakes
Fernando Gabeira
   wrote the book adapted for the film   
Four Days in September (1997)
Based on the 1979 book 'O Que é Isso, Companheiro?'
See You In September
   has the opening line   
I'll Be Alone Each and Every Night While You're Away, Don't Forget to Write
Bye-bye, so long, farewell Bye-bye, so long See you in September See you when the summer's through Here we are (bye, baby, goodbye) Saying goodbye at the station (bye, baby, goodbye) Summer vacation (bye, baby bye, baby) Is taking you away (bye, baby, goodbye). Lyrics by Sid Wayne music by Sherman Edwards in 1959. It was a hit for The Tempos.
Patriot Day (U.S.A.)
   is held on   
September 11th
Federal Observance
   in Navajo code is   
Literal translation, half
'Barbara Frietchie' by John Greenleaf Whittier
   has the opening lines   
Up from the Meadows Rich With Corn, Clear in the Cool September Morn...
Whittier, 1807-1892
   is the elvish word for   
   has the Native American name   
Harvest Moon
The most familiar named moon, September's harvest moon refers to the time of year after the autumn equinox when crops are gathered. It also refers to the moon's particularly bright appearance and early rise, which lets farmers continue harvesting into the night. Other names include the corn moon and the barley moon.
   has a variety named   
September Wonder Fuji
   has a variety named   
September Snow
White flesh
   has a variety named   
September Sweet
White flesh
   in Macedonian is   
Tom Clark
To Clemente in September
"Watching the season die on television makes me think of you, Roberto, in the end"
Tom Browning
   pitched a perfect game on   
September 16th 1988
Cincinnati Reds 1, Los Angeles Dodgers 0 at Cincinnati, Ohio -- 28 years old
Sandy Koufax
   pitched a perfect game on   
September 9th 1965
Los Angeles Dodgers 1, Chicago Cubs 0 at Los Angeles, California -- 29 years old
"The Newts in the Creek Had Gone, Already. I Don't Know Where. I Can't Remember Your Face or Anything You Said"
   are the closing lines of   
September by W. D. Snodgrass
Elizabeth Bowen
The Last September
Concerns life at the country mansion of Danielstown, Cork during the Irish War of Independence.
R. Strauss Four Last Songs
   was released by   
Earth, Wind & Fire
'Why We Don't Die' by Robert Bly
   has the opening lines   
In Late September Many Voices Tell You You Will Die. The Leaf Says It
William Faulkner
Dry September
Bob Fothergill
   hit a natural cycle on   
September 26, 1926
While playing as an outfielder for the Detroit Tigers against the Boston Red Sox in the American League. age 29
Gary Matthews, Jr.
   hit a natural cycle on   
September 12, 2006
Texas Rangers outfielder against the Detroit Tigers in the American League. age 21
September Song
   comes from the musical   
Knickerbocker Holiday
September 20, 1881
   the oath was recited by   
Chester A. Arthur
Privately at his residence, 123 Lexington Avenue, New York City by John R. Brady, Justice of the New York State Supreme Court
September 22, 1881
   the oath was recited by   
Chester A. Arthur
Publicly in the Office of the Vice President, U.S. Capitol by Morrison R. Waite, Chief Justice of Supreme Court
September 14, 1901
   the oath was recited by   
Theodore Roosevelt
Ansley Wilcox residence, Buffalo, New York by John R. Hazel, U.S. District Judge for Western District of New York
Michael McClure
September Blackberries
   was played by Michael Douglas in   
One Day in September (1999)
An Appointment With Mr Yeats
September 1913
Guy Lombardo
   released the record   
September in the Rain
1937; #1 on the Billboard chart; most noteworthy version
September Song
   was released by   
Walter Huston
1938 - inducted in 1984

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