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Trafalgar Square
Leicester Square
   constellation represents   
The Rule, the Carpenter's Square, the Set Square and the Level
   was the year   
The Tiananmen Square Protests Occurred
   is the heraldic term for   
A Square in the Upper Corner
Occupying one third of the chief. A “subordinary” used in a coat of arms
New York Knicks
   play at the   
Madison Square Garden
   in Spanish is   
Tiananmen Square
   is situated in   
Beijing. Place of the protests and massacre of 1989
Sponge Bob Ants in the Square Pants
   was developed by   
Milton Bradley/Hasbro
Princess Cut
Top is Square Shaped, Similar to a Pyramid
34th Street & Herald Square
   is on the   
Times Square & 42nd Street
   is on the   
N,Q,R,S,W 1,2,3,7,9
Oscar Wilde
   stands/stood in   
Merrion Square Park
Quare in the Square, Fag on the Crag
Children of Lir
   stands/stood in   
Parnell Square
Area of a Square
   has the mathematical formula   
Contacts in a Square or Offset Square
Gentile Bellini
Procession in St. Mark's Square
1496; oil on canvas, Gallerie dell'Accademia, Venice
Fitzwilliam Square
   has the post code   
Dublin 2
Merrion Square
   has the post code   
Dublin 2
   is the site of   
Würzburg Residence With the Court Gardens and Residence Square
Henry James
   wrote the book adapted for the film   
Washington Square (1997)
Based on the 1880 book
John Paddy Carstairs
The Square Peg (1958)
   is described as a   
Square Dance for Four Couples
   is a gangster term for   
   is the number of   
Square Feet in an Acre
Sandy, Plankton, Gary
   are all   
Sponge Bob Square Pants Characters
Marguerite Duras
Le Square
The Ghosts of Berkeley Square (1947)
Robert Morley, Felix Aylmer and Yvonne Arnaud
Director: Vernon Sewell. Also starred Claude Hulbert, Abraham Sofaer & Ernest Thesiger
Madison Square Garden
   is nicknamed   
World's Greatest Arena
Manhattan, New York
The Square Peg (1958)
Norman Wisdom, Honor Blackman and Edward Blackman
Director: John Paddy Carstairs. Also starred Campbell Singer, Hattie Jacques & Brian Worth. Plot: :Norman and Mr Grimsdale (Chapman) are council workmen mending the road outside an Army base when they come into conflict with the military...
The Square Peg (1953)
   has the tagline   
A Knockout!
Square Root
   is a   
Numerical Algorithm
A Small Flat, Square Pasta
Suitable for vegetable or thin soups
Patrick Hamilton
Hangover Square
"Washington Square Serenade"
   was released by   
Steve Earle
2008 - Best Contemporary Folk Album
Square Shoulders (1929)
Louis Wolheim, Frank Coghlan Jr. and Philippe De Lacy
Director: E. Mason Hopper. Also starred Anita Louise, C. Montague Shaw & Maurice Black
Parliament Square
   is found at   
Isle Of Man
Isaak Brodsky
Lenin in Red Square
Oil on canvas, Socialist Realism, 1924; State Historical Museum, Moscow
   in Filipino is   
The Grosvenor Square Goodbye
   was written by   
Francis Clifford
1974 Silver Dagger
The Square Mile
   is a nickname for   
The Square Deceiver (1917)
Harold Lockwood, Pauline Curley and William Clifford
Director: Fred J. Balshofer. Also starred Dora Mills Adams, Betty Marvin & Richard L'Estrange
Humpty Dumpty's Square
   was created by   
Lewis Carroll
"Through the Looking Glass", 1871
An Unhip Person
   is the site of   
São Francisco Square
   was the year   
The Tiananmen Square Protests Occurred
Berkeley _____ (1933)
1933. Fantasy drama starring Leslie Howard and Heather Angel. After reading the diary of an ancestor, an architect is transported back 149 years to the place and time depicted in the journal.
Hangover _____ (1945)
1945. Film noir starring Laird Cregar, Linda Darnell and George Sanders. An unstable composer is ensnared by an opportunistic singer.
Times _____ (1980)
1980. An unhappy young girl from a wealthy family forms a friendship with a teen from the wrong side of the tracks when they are admitted to the same psychiatric hospital. Stars Trini Alvarado, Robin Johnson and Tim Robbins.
Washington _____ (1997)
1997. Romantic drama based on the novel by Henry James. Stars Jennifer Jason Leigh, Albert Finney and Maggie Smith.

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