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The Penguin

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The Penguin
   is an arch-enemy of   
Played by Burgess Meredith in the TV series and Danny DeVito in the movie version
The Penguin
   is the alter ego of   
Oswald Cobblepot
The Penguin
   was portrayed by   
Burgess Meredith
“Batman” (1966-68) TV
The Penguin
   was portrayed by   
Danny DeVito
“Batman Returns” (1992)
The Penguin
   is a role shared by   
Burgess Meredith & Danny DeVito
Batman (1966) a.k.a. Batman, the Movie & Batman Returns (1992)
The Penguin Pool Murder (1932)
Edna May Oliver, Robert Armstrong and James Gleason
Director: George Archainbaud. Also starred Mae Clark, Donald Cook & Guy Usher. Plot: The body of unscrupulous stockbroker Gerald Parker (Usher) suddenly appears in the penguin tank at the aquarium...
Exploding Penguin Sketch
   contains the line   
… Time for the Penguin on Top of Your Tv Set to Explode
"TV Announcer: It's just gone eight o'clock and time for the penguin on top of your tv set to explode. [The penguin explodes...] Woman 1: How did he know that was going to happen? TV Announcer: It was an inspired guess."
The Penguins
   released the single   
Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine)
1954; peaked at #8 on the Billboard chart; included in Rolling Stone magazine's "500 Greatest Songs of All Time"
Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine)
   was released by   
The Penguins
1954 - inducted in 1998; included in Rolling Stone magazine's "500 Greatest Songs of All Time"

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