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The Press

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Face the Press
   was performed by   
Chapman, Cleese and Idle
Tonight on 'Face the Press' we're going to examine two different views of contemporary things. On my left is the Minister for Home Affairs ... And on my right - putting the case against the Government - is a small patch of brown liquid ... (cut to patch of liquid on seat of chair) which could be creosote or some extract used in industrial varnishing.
Roar of the Press (1941)
Jean Parker, Wallace Ford and Jed Prouty
Director: Phil Rosen. Also starred Suzanne Kaaren, Harland Tucker & Evalyn Knapp. Plot: While on their honeymoon, a reporter and his new bride stumble upon a ring of fifth columnists.
The Press
   is published in   
New Zealand
Christchurch, New Zealand. Largest circulation in the South Island NZ
Albert Camus
"A Free Press Can, of Course, Be Good or Bad, But, Most Certainly Without Freedom, the Press Will Never Be Anything but Bad"
French philosopher, writer and Nobel laureate.
The Press-Enterprise
   is published in   
The U.S.A.
Riverside, CA. Circulation: 149,608
   is described as   
The Pressing, or a Blending of Several Wines.
Denis Papin
The Pressure Cooker
The first version of a pressure cooker was created in 1680 by Denis Papin. He made a large cast iron vessel with a lid that locked. His version raised cooking temperatures by 15% over boiling, and accordingly reduced cooking time. However, regulating the steam and temperature was difficult, and explosions were common.
   is defined as   
The Pressure or Displacement of Particles in the Medium
Greater amplitude results in a louder sound

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