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Benny Hill
   is the stage name of   
Alfred Hawthorne Hill
Benny Hill
   had a U.K. Number One single with   
Ernie (the Fastest Milkman in the West)
December 5 1971 for 4 weeks
    is the postcode for    
Notting Hill
Lauryn Hill
   released the album   
The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill (1998)
Cypress Hill
   released the album   
Cypress Hill (1991)
   was sung by   
Faith Hill
A Downward Slope As a Hill
A High Craggy Hill
Notting Hill (1999)
Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant
Can the most famous film star in the world fall for just an ordinary guy?
T. E. B. Clarke
   wrote the screenplay for   
The Lavender Hill Mob
Won an Oscar for this original screenplay in 1952. He wrote a book on British Pubs called "What's Yours?", which captured the attention of Ealing Studios whom he wrote 15 films for.
Lawn Hill
   is found in   
18 km diameter, Queensland
Back to the Future (1985)
   was set in   
Hill Valley
Director: Robert Zemeckis. Hill Valley, California
Theodore Roosevelt
   had the nickname   
The Hero of San Juan Hill
Tree Hill High School
   features in   
One Tree Hill
Hill Audio
   was named after   
Malcolm Hill
   was named after   
John A. Hill and James H. McGraw
   is the site of   
Royal Hill of Ambohimanga
Saint Kitts and Nevis
   is the site of   
Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park
   is the location of   
Lawn Hill National Park
   is the location of   
West Hill National Park
   is the location of   
Gooseberry Hill National Park
Western Australia. 21 km east of Perth, at the southern side of the mouth of the Helena Valley on the Darling Scarp. Area: 33 hectares (82 acres).
Notting Hill (1999)
Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant and Richard McCabe
Director: Roger Michell
Hill Street Blues
   final episode was called   
It Ain't Over Till It's Over
Aired May 12, 1987
Bunker Hill Bunny (1950)
Bugs Bunny
Also featuring Yosemite Sam
Bunker Hill Bunny (1950)
Yosemite Sam
Also featuring Bugs Bunny
Steep Hill Downwards
   is represented by   

UK road sign
Steep Hill Upwards
   is represented by   

UK road sign
Fredericksburg in the Texas Hill Country
   is situated in   
Texas Hill Country
   is situated in   
Julia Roberts
   starred in   
Notting Hill (1999)
Blueberry Hill
   was released by   
Fats Domino
1956 - inducted in 1987;11 weeks as #1 on the Billboard R&B chart; peaked at #2 on the Billboard chart; included in Rolling Stone magazine's "500 Greatest Songs of All Time"
"The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill"
   was released by   
Lauryn Hill
1999 - Album of the Year
   is missing from the title of   
The ___ of Lauryn Hill
Lauryn Hill (1998)
William Hill Brown
   was/were the first   
To Write an American Novel
1789 set in Boston
Archibald Vivian Hill
   won for work on   
The Production of Heat in the Muscle
Kenneth Rexroth
Flower Wreath Hill
Later poems, 1991
Cinder Cone
A Steep, Conical Hill Built up About a Volcanic Vent
Composed of coarse pyroclasts expelled from the vent by escaping gases.
A Natural Land Elevation
The distinction between hill and mountain depends on the locality.
A Steep-sided Topographic Elevation Larger Than a Hill
Also a single prominence forming part of a ridge or mountain range.
"You Are the Light of the World. A City That is Set on a Hill Cannot Be Hidden."
   is an extract from the   
Jesus Christ, The Sermon on the Mount
George Roy Hill
   won for   
Slaughterhouse-Five (1972)
Best Science Fiction Film
Over the Hill
Hill of Beans
Something of Trifling Value
"it ain't worth a hill of beans."
Fats Domino
Blueberry Hill
1956, US 2, UK 6
Hill of Tara
   was formerly the capital of   
Ireland invaded by Normans, 6th century - 12th century
Blueberry Hill
   was performed by   
Fats Domino
Christopher Monger
   wrote the book adapted for the film   
The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain (1995)
Based on the 1995 book
Terry Shames
A Killing At Cotton Hill
2014, Best First Mystery
The _____ Mob
   is missing   
Lavender Hill
1951. Ealing comedy.
Mark Twain
"There is an Old-time Toast Which is Golden for Its Beauty: "When You Ascend the Hill of Prosperity May You Not Meet a Friend”"
American humorist and writer

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