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A Bear

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   is the killing of   
A Bear
Bold As a Bear
Bernardo, Nardo, Bernhard, Bernadine, Barnard
Michael Bond
A Bear Called Paddington
The most famous creature ever to wear a duffel coat arrived from Deepest Darkest Peru in 1958
Having the Courage of a Bear
(BEHR-nard)(OGer) Barney; Irish, Scottish Gaelic also can be Bernard.
Timothy Treadwell
   died from   
Being Attacked and Partially Consumed by a Bear
The self-proclaimed eco-warrior, photographer and author of "Among Grizzlies: Living With Wild Bears in Alaska". He was killed (with girlfriend Amie Huguenard) on the Alaska Peninsula.
   appears as a   
Lion-Headed Man on a Bear
Lord Byron
A Bear
As dogs were not allowed at Trinity College, George Byron kept a bear which he would take for walks around the university ground.
A Bearded Collie
   is classed as a   
1976--Cannamoor Cartinka
Vincent Van Gogh
Self-portrait Without a Beard (Portrait De L'artiste Sans Barbe)
1889; Dutch; Post Impressionism; oil on canvas; private collection (the only self portrait without a beard)
The B Team
   featured the character   
Tonia Beardface
Played by Tim Ross
A Bear, Mother to Junior and Wife to Paw
A Bear, Son to Maw and Paw
A Bearded Collie
   is classed as   
Mama Bear
Papa Bear, Baby Bear
From 'Goldilocks' by Robert Southey and possibly earlier sources
A Bear, Father to Junior and Husband to Maw
   was won by   
Lion Na Bearnai
Jockey: Andrew Thornton, Trainer: Thomas Gibney

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