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Total or Partial Loss of the Ability to Perform Coordinated Movements or Manipulate Objects
In the absence of motor or sensory impairment
The Ability to Talk Constantly; Persuasive Flattery
   believes in the theory   
Ability of Matter to Affect the Spiritual World
The Ace of Swords
Ability to Love and Hate With Ardor
Minor Arcana
   in Italian is   
The Ability to Draw Moisture Through the Fiber
John Enders, Federick Robbins and Thomas Weller
   won for work on   
The Discovery of the Ability of Poliomyelitis Viruses to Grow
1954 - In cultures of various types of tissue
The Ability to Store an Electric Charge
The Ability of a Body to Regain Its Original Shape After Deformation
The Ability to Survive to Adulthood
   has the mutation/power of   
Superhuman Leaping Ability
Superhuman leg and tongue strength and endurance, agility, reflexes, coordination, balance, and leaping ability. Ability to expel gusts of air from lungs. Elongated prehensile tongue. Regenerative healing factor. Real name: Mortimer Toynbee
The Haitian
   has the power of   
Ability Suppression
Abraham Lincoln
"Tact is the Ability to Describe Others As They See Themselves"
Stephen Hawking
"Intelligence is the Ability to Adapt to Change."
Marcus Aurelius
"Nothing Has Such Power to Broaden the Mind As the Ability to Investigate Systematically and Truly All That Comes Under Thy Observation in Life"
14th Roman Emperor
Heart Line
Emotional Stability
Can be read in either direction (from the pinkie finger to the index finger or vice versa) depending on the tradition being followed
H. P. Lovecraft
"The Most Merciful Thing in the World ... is the Inability of the Human Mind to Correlate All Its Contents"
American author of horror, fantasy and science fiction
The Capacity for Sinning
   is an acute fear of   
The Inability to Stand
William G. Kaelin Jr, Sir Peter J. Ratcliffe and Gregg L. Semenza
   won for work on   
For Their Discoveries of How Cells Sense and Adapt to Oxygen Availability.
2019. "They identified molecular machinery that regulates the activity of genes in response to varying levels of oxygen."
Alfred North Whitehead
"Intelligence is Quickness to Apprehend As Distinct from Ability, Which is Capacity to Act Wisely on the Thing Apprehended"
English mathematician and philosopher. Collaborated with former pupil Bertrand Russell to write Principia Mathematica.
Fermi Paradox
   states that   
If There Are, As Probability Would Suggest, Many Other Sentient Species in the Universe, then Where Are They?
Three Meaningless Initials (e.g. John Smith, TMI - Applied to Medics With Qualifications Rather Than Ability)
Capacity for Happiness
An Abrasion Test Used to Measure the Durability of Fabric
   is used for   
Measuring Permeability
Napoleon Bonaparte
"Ability is of Little Account Without Opportunity"
Inability to Describe Emotions in a Verbal Manner
The image that one presents as a respectable member of society
Jasmine (white)
   has the meaning   
Vienna Convention on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damate
Sets rules of liability for any and all forms of nuclear damage.
Borel's Paradox
   states that   
Conditional Probability Density Functions Are Not Invariant Under Coordinate Transformations
   is associated with   
Promoting Balance and Emotional Stability.
Transforms negative emotions into positive ones. A grounding stone
   is defined as   
The Inability to Handle One's Own Personal or Financial Affairs
As determined by a court
Inability to Control Muscles in Walking
A Borderline Personality
   is characterized by   
Instability in Mood, Relationships and Sense of Self

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