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Inter Alia
Among Other Things
Prince Paul
   released the album   
A Prince Among Thieves (1999)
Mazzy Star
   released the album   
Among My Swan (1996)
The Circle of Fifths
An Imaginary Geometrical Space Depicting Relationships Among the 12 Pitch Classes
First described by Heinichen in his 1728 treatise on composition
Primus Inter Pares
First Among Equals
Maurice Shadbolt
   wrote the book adapted for the film   
Among the Cinders (1983)
Book and film share names.
Allais Paradox
   states that   
A Change in a Possible Outcome Which is Shared by Different Alternatives Affects People's Choices Among Those Alternatives, in Contradition With Expected Utility Theory
   released the album   
Walk Among Us (1982)
A Stranger Among Us (1992)
Melanie Griffith, John Pankow and Tracy Pollan
Director: Sidney Lumet
Among Giants (1998)
Pete Postlethwaite, Rachel Griffiths and James Thornton
Director: Sam Miller. Also starred Lennie James, Andy Serkis & Rob Jarvis
Sam Miller
Among Giants (1998)
Sidney Lumet
A Stranger Among Us (1992)
Witness (1985)
   has the last line:   
“You Be Careful out Among Them English.”
Down Among the Z Men (1952)
Harry Secombe, Michael Bentine and Spike Milligan
Director: Maclean Rogers. Also starred Peter Sellers, Carole Carr & Leslie Roberts
Secret Agent (1936)
   has the tagline   
Mystery - Intrigue - Romance, Burn a Flaming Trail Among the Gay Capitals of the World
Geordie (1955)
   has the tagline   
A Giant Among Comedies
'Lucy' by William Wordsworth
   has the opening lines   
She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Ways Beside the Springs of Dove
Skinwalkers (2006)
   has the tagline   
They Live Among Us. They Hunt Us
   is the elvish word for   
Among the Living (1941)
Albert Dekker, Susan Hayward and Harry Carey
Director: Stuart Heisler. Also starred Frances Farmer, Gordon Jones & Jean Phillips. Plot: A mentally unstable man, who has been kept in isolation for years, escapes and causes trouble for his identical twin brother.
Book I, Chap. XXII.
   contains the canon law concerning   
Who Was the Author of the Vanities Before Described in Italy Among the Romans, and Who Among Other Nations
Book I - Of the False Worship of the Gods
On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever)
   has the opening line   
Why, Daisy, You're a Bloody Miracle... Could Anyone Among Us Have an Inkling or a Clue What Magic Feats or Wizardry and Voodoo You Can Do?
And who would ever guess what powers you possess. And who would not be stunned to see you prove. There's more to us than surgeons can remove. So much more than we ever knew. So much more were we born to do. Should you draw back the curtain, this I am certain. You'll be impressed with you. -- Yves Montand (Dr Chabot) is the doctor who uses hypnosis on Barbara Streisand (Daisy Gamble) to help her understand why she can hear phones ring before they do and whose will power makes flowers grow in the 1970 film "On A Clear Day You Can See Forever."
Gay Cat
   is hobo slang for   
Tenderfoot Among the Hobos
   in Italian is   
Adrienne Rich
The School Among the Ruins
"Teaching the first lesson and the last-great falling light of summer"
   is missing from the title of   
___ Among Us
Misfits (1982)
   is missing from the title of   
A Prince ___ Thieves
Prince Paul (1999)
Adrienne Rich
The School Among the Ruins
2004. National Book Critics Circle Award
"I Want to Be the President Who Helped to End Hatred Among His Fellow Men, and Who Promoted Love Among the People of All Races..."
   is an extract from the   
We Shall Overcome Speech (1965)
Lyndon Baines Johnson
Paolo Veronese
Jesus Among the Doctors in the Temple
1558, oil on canvas; Museo del Prado, Madrid
Cima Da Conegliano
Christ Among the Scholars
C. 1504, tempera on panel; Muzeum Narodowe, Warsaw
Among the Willows
Dodging the Law
Jo Walton
   won the Hugo Award with   
Among Others
Jo Walton
   won the Nebula Award with   
Among Others
2011 Nebula Award Winner
John Kells
"The Dust of Some is Irish Earth, Among Their Own They Rest"
Irish poet, patriot and scholar
"The Battle of Kookamonga"
   was released by   
Homer and Jethro
1960 - Best Comedy Album
Edmund Burke
"Among a People Generally Corrupt, Liberty Cannot Long Exist"
Irish-born British statesman, parliamentary orator and political thinker
John McGahern
Amongst Women
Cucamonga Valley
   is situated in   

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